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  1. Hi Holly

    Im from the Netherlands and i have a huuuge obsession for strollers! I found out that there are a lot of difference between european (dutch) strollers and american strollers (the travel system strollers).

    I dont undertand how you can use a travel system from birth, In the Netherlands its known that you cant use the carseat for more then 2 hours, is it different in the Us?! Or do infants lie on the completely flat possition? But then you cant look at your baby and i cant inmagine its good for babies back!

    And i hear sometimes that people in the Us dont buy a stroller, do they cary around the carseat the whole time? Or do theye dont take the baby for a walk?! And then the amount of money people spend on strollers.. I see a lot of Stokke’s, bugaboos and mutsy’s in the Netherlands while it looks like people from America dont spend more then 200 dollars on a stroller.. Not that theye have to spend more offcourse! But i was wondering about the difference!


    1. Yes, the Netherlands sounds very different than that US. I have to say in a good way though because they don’t leave their babies in their infant seats for more than 2 hours. Unfortunately, that is not the case in the US. I wish it was! In the US, many people transport their baby from car to stroller to home all in the infant seat because of convenience and not really because it’s best for the baby. Ideally, the newborn should be laying flat in a bassinet UNLESS in a car. Many people just don’t seem to care here because they figure it isn’t really harming the baby since everyone seems to do it.

      Yes, many people are also VERY budget-conscious on their stroller choice here in the US. They don’t realize that parents use a stroller every single day for at least three years per kid! That is a lot of stroller use. Plus, they figure it just isn’t worth the money to get a good one. They figure a basic $100 stroller is just fine. Boy, are they wrong! Why would I want to skimp on something I am going to put my precious baby in every day for 3 years. I get they are trying to save money but, boy, do they spend money on random other things. I once saw a woman pushing a really, really cheap (and OLD!) double stroller with 2 kids in it. Both kids had an Ipad in their hands!! I couldn’t believe it! They wouldn’t spend more than $100 on a stroller but heck if they didn’t have more than $1500 in electronics in their 2 and 3 year old’s hands.

      The US is just…well…different. 🙂

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