JuJuBe Luxury Diaper Bags

Ju-Ju-Be is a fun loving company that specializes in the most amazing diaper bags. Since their debut in 2005 they’ve developed an almost cult like following by moms who have fallen in love with the quality and functionality of their bags.  Their customers are so devoted that JuJuBe holds a “Pink Ladies” weekend retreat in California each year for their fans. The JuJuBe website sports a chat room where moms can discuss their favorite features, and can proudly display photos of their bag collections. I myself have three, and will probably never buy another brand of diaper bag. What makes the bags so loved by so many moms? Well…

QUALITY: The fabrics are treated with Agion on the inside, and Teflon on the outside. They are antimicrobial, stain resistant, and waterproof.  No more stinky bags due to rogue drops of milk. Spills on the bag or changing mat just bead up and wipe off.  For large messes they are completely machine washable (hang dry). I had red Gatorade leak out of a Sippy cup in one of my bags. I popped it in the washer, and the stain was completely gone. Most of their strapps and changing mats have comfy memory foam padding. All their hardware is high quality metal instead of plastic.  Their premium bags have little metal feet on the bottom to keep it off the ground, and come with stroller clips.

FUNCTIONALITY: JuJuBe bags are super functional. The design team has thought out every detail. There is a place or pocket for everything. Many of their bags sport a front pocket specifically designed to keep mom’s stuff organized and separate from baby’s stuff. The bottle pockets are made of 3M Thinsulate to keep them cool or warm. I have never found a bottle, Sippy cup, or water bottle that didn’t fit in the side cup pockets.  I really love the light colored lining, and the gusseted large mouth openings on the Be Prepared and the BFF bags.  It is so easy to open with one hand, find what you need, and close it without worrying that everything else is going to come crashing out too.

DIVERSITY: There are many different bags to suit a variety of styles and needs. They have everything from very large bags with many organizational pockets for weekends or multiples to small bags for quick trips to the store. They have backpacks, totes, messenger bags, beach bags, lunch bags, and they recently branched out into computer bags. The straps are very comfortable, and several bags have different strap options. Backpacks suddenly become messenger bags, and messenger bags have tote handles. The fabric choices are equally varied. I love bright vibrant florals, but if you prefer darker solids, or trendy geometrics they have a fabric for you. Want a leather look? Many of their bags come in what they call Earthen Leather that you’ll love.

ACCESSORIES: JuJuBe bags have the most mix and match accessories of any other diaper bag. They have several different sized wallets, paci holders, and sunglasses cases. There are diapers & wipes holders, insulated bags, and a lunch box that I personally love.  They also have what they call bottle rockets that go around individual bottles to keep them warm or cold.  Another of my personal favorites is the matching bag tags. These are great for child care settings.

DURABILITY: These bags are expensive at around $100-$180 each.  However, they are so well made that they will last you far after you outgrow the need for a diaper bag. I use my Be Prepared as a weekend bag for myself sometimes as well as diaper bag for three kids. I have put both my Be Prepared and my BFF through the ringer. Both of them are in great shape still after two years of use. The fabric looks like new, none of the seams have ripped, and all of the zippers still work smoothly. I tend to pack my bags heavy, and hang them from the stroller handle. Every other bag I have had ripped out where the hardware that holds the strap is sewn on the bag. None of my JuJuBe bags are even showing wear there. If you just cannot bring yourself to pay full price look at the Pink Room for sale or trade, or stalk BabySteals.com. Every now and again they’ll have JuJuBe bags for up to half off. That is how I snagged my Wanna Be JuJuBe Beach Bag!





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Elisabeth is a mother to three wonderful children. Like most of today's stay at home moms, she's almost never actually at home. Between church, kindergarten, play dates, sports, and errands each day seems to fly by faster than the last! She loves it when she happens across a new baby item that helps simplify her crazy life. Elisabeth also loves letting other moms know what has worked, or not worked for them so that they can make the best purchases for their family. "What can I say; I’ve always been a shopper!" Elisabeth says. "I’ve just traded an obsession for shoes and purses for one with strollers and diaper bags. It may be a busy life, but I’m enjoying the ride."

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Carol @ It's Baby Time
Carol @ It's Baby Time

I love these bags and accessories. I especially love the 3 rd one down. Its is beautiful and looks like it will hold everything I have.

Carol J.
Carol J.

These diaper bags maybe high in price but I think I will get my moneys worth with it. I love that it has memory foam for handles and changing pad and it has plenty pockets for all the babies needs. I am so excited about trying this diaper bag and I am so sure I will still use it for myself when I don’t need to carry around baby necessities.