JuJuBe Unikiki 2.0 Unicorn Bag FASHION HAUL

JuJuBe Unikiki 2.0 Unicorn Bag FASHION HAUL

You know how we get excited about the new Ju-Ju-Be fashions, right?! Well, this one has UNICORNS on it! Who doesn’t love unicorns?! This new Unikiki 2.0 fashion is not only fun to say but it’s a magical pattern for those looking for something out of the ordinary.

The new Ju-Ju-Be Unikiki 2.0 fashion comes in a variety of bags and accessories and today we have a few to show you. You have to check out the Itty Bitty Be! it’s SO CUTE!

Get to know the new fashion and the adorable bubblegum pink lining that it is in today’s Baby Gizmo video above!

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