Just a Little Boob Talk…

Joovy Boobs


Did you know that Joovy does so much more than strollers?!? Sure, they started with strollers but they also do high chairs, tricycles, balance bikes, playards, potties, toddler cots and much more.

Recently they added Boobs to their collection! Yep, their new line of bottles are called the Boob. You know Joovy has a thing with the double O and they have a healthy sense of humor, so there you have it – it’s the Boob. They have the Boob Baby Bottle PPSU, the Boob Baby Bottle PP and even a Glass Boob.

While the Boobs are great, today we want to talk about two combination packs that Joovy now offers – the Gift Pack and the Starter Pack. These are both great gifts for new parents. To see these combo packs up close and personal and what they include, take a peek at our Baby Gizmo video today at the top of this post.Joovy Boobs



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