Just Play Minnie Bow Tique Teapot Review

Man, my daughter is spoiled! She was well taken care of for Christmas, and then her birthday was at the end of January, when she received the gift to beat all gifts. The Just Play Minnie Bow Tique Teapot.

minnie bow tique teapot review

My daughter loves the show Minnie’s Bow Tique, so it’s no surprise that when she opened this gift from one of her cute little friends, she squealed with delight. The fact that all the tea set pieces are contained in a bigger teapot as packaging makes it instantly adorable. I love that the packaging is basically another toy to go with the set, and so does she.

Minnie Mouse Bow Tique

This set includes everything your child will need for the perfect pretend tea party: plates, teacups, tea pot, creamer and sugar bowls, spoons, and even pretend cookie/biscuit boxes! Though I will admit, my daughter was disappointed when she opened those little boxes and found them empty.

The full set

We ended up throwing them away because baby brother easily destroyed them. And to be honest, I don’t need any more random, tiny pieces of toy sets laying around my house, never getting put away. She doesn’t miss them, and the tea set is still enjoyable without them.

bow tique tea set teapot

The plastic is strong, which is good because my toddler has already mishandled the pieces (as toddlers tend to do) and my baby has chewed on the cups and spoons without leaving teeth marks. Though please be careful with the smaller pieces (like those spoons) around small children. It’s meant for children ages 3 and up.

You can find this fun teapot toy on Amazon for $17.99!

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