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  1. of course a kardashian has one, that does not surprise me. But this thing is just plain ugly! i way prefer my bumbleride!

  2. I agree…the ugliest stroller I’ve ever seen. If you are going to pimp out a stroller, at least do a classy one like the bugaboo!

  3. Black leather upholstery + hot day = sweaty and miserable baby. Bad idea, and I agree with another commenter, just plain ugly.

  4. um…eew.
    I’ll stick to my babyjogger city elite. I’ve had men talk to be longer about that than the baby:) “Whoa those are nice tires” “look at that frame” etc…It’s kinda funny. We love it too. The fold is the best finale. One handed fold to back of car—gets them every time;-D Way better than fenders…that would seriously get cracked in my car.

  5. To be completely honest that is the ugliest stroller I’ve ever seen! lol My car didn’t even cost that much! 😉

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