Keeping Your Kids Hydrated During the School Year

Kids’ bodies are made up of roughly 65% water. So, to function well they need proper hydration!

But summer break is over and mama’s watchful eye can no longer monitor that our little ones are getting their fill of good ol’ H2o! What to do? Well, here’s a few tips to keep your kids hydrated during the school year …

keeping your kids hydrated


  • Educate Them – Do your kids understand why it’s important to drink water? I’m often surprised at how much information my kids soak up and I think if I simply explained why it was important to drink water, they just might take this element of control into their own hands.
  • Set an Example – My kids are professional copycats. Yours too? Drink up then! I aim to consume my body weight in ounces of water each day. It’s a lot, but I totally notice a difference in my skin and attitude when I consume my water goal.
  • Equip Them With Supplies – The main supply being a great water bottle! We’re big fans of these ones on the go and these ones at home.
  • Make It Fun – There are tons of yummy flavored waters out there to add a boost to regular water. I wouldn’t make this an all day, everyday option, but it’s definitely a fun treat! Just watch the sugar content and you’ll be good to go!

What other tips would you add? Let’s keep our kids hydrated and thriving this school year … are you with me?!