Kelty Speedster Swivel Deluxe Review

Kelty is not only known for their sporty backpacks, camping tents and sleeping bags but also for their performance strollers.  The newest addition to their stroller options is the Speedster Swivel Deluxe stroller.  This sporty stroller is great for busy parents who want one stroller that they can use on rougher terrain and for light jogs but still has the maneuverability to use in everyday activities such as shopping.  True jogging strollers with permanently fixed front wheels are great for jogging/running but can be a pain to use all the time because of the lack of maneuverability.  That is why Kelty has introduced their Speedster Swivel.  It gives you the option of having a locked front wheel for sport use but can easily be switched to swivel mode for times where maneuverability is key. 

The seat in the Speedster Swivel is a tall but narrow seat.  With the seat back to canopy measurement of 24”, taller children will be comfortable.  Even though the stroller has a high weight capacity of 70 lbs, it’s important to note that with a seat width of only 10” across, you may want to try the stroller out first if you intend to use it with a larger child.  The narrow seat could prove to be uncomfortable for stockier children.  There is a great 5-point harness for your child’s safety that features a moisture-wicking fabric underneath for the little rider’s comfort.  We love that the frame around the seat is completely padded so that your child is comfortable if they lean against it. 

The Speedster Swivel features a reclining seat that works with two straps – one on either side of the seat.  It doesn’t recline flat (only reclines less than half-way back) so this stroller is not for use with a baby under 6 months. 

The Kelty Speedster Swivel sports an adjustable handle bar (up and down but not telescoping) that is great for taller and shorter parents. It adjusts from 34-45”. Since we are not all the same heights, we love this feature! It’s easy to operate with two push buttons on the sides and can be set at any position including all the way up for taller parents and all the way down so that other siblings can “help” push the stroller.  The handlebar also has a great safety bell that could come in handy when you’re trying to pass someone with their music cranked or is just plain oblivious to the stroller approaching.  There is also reflective tape on the stroller for those early morning or evening strolls/jogs. 

It has a large sun canopy with peek-a-boo window (with cover) that will definitely shade your child. The canopy is rather loud to adjust though because it makes a loud clicking sound as it is pushed forward or back. A medium size basket underneath the seat will hold a diaper bag or other baby essentials. There is also a storage pocket and a water bottle holder on the back of the seat.�
The Speedster Swivel sports a 12” front tire and two large rear 16” tires.  All three tires are air-filled which is appropriate for a sport stroller, giving parents an easy push and little passengers a smooth ride.  One complaint about the stroller is that it does not come with a tire pump.  Not too big of a deal but not everyone has a tire pump and you probably won’t be able to use the stroller out of the box until you pump up the tires.  Plus, if the stroller tires were low on air when you are out and about – an included tire pump would be greatly appreciated!

The front wheel features adjustable tracking to help the stroller keep rolling in a straight line.  The front wheel also swivels for easy agility as well as has the ability to lock for added safety and control while jogging.  Maneuverability on this stroller is amazing. It moves as if it’s super lightweight and turns easily with just one hand. Since the stroller is so narrow, be careful turning it quickly because it may tip to the side.  The stroller glides along effortlessly on payment and if the front wheel is locked, it tackles all-terrain like a champ and jogging is no problem.  Put the safety strap around your wrist and the stroller will glide along without any effort. We are glad that they attached the safety strap to the bottom of the stroller frame.  This is safer because if mom or dad happens to trip or fall, the stroller won’t tip backwards.

The Kelty Speedster Swivel is a great stroller for jogging but if you are a serious runner and want a true running stroller, you should consider the fixed-wheel Kelty Speedster Stroller.
The Kelty is easy to store as it has a very compact fold.  For more compact storage it features quick release rear wheels as well as an easy to remove front wheel. The lightweight aluminum frame is only 22 lbs making transporting very easy.  Folding and unfolding the stroller isn’t too bad in term of the number of steps.  The only problem we have is that there are yellow clamps on either side of the seat that you have to clamp down when unfolding and unclamp when folding.  These can be very tricky because they take a lot of force to do.  It takes so much force that we are always afraid that we are going to jam our fingers, get our fingers caught in the clamp or even break a nail.  These things have not happened but the fear is always there.  Besides the yellow clamps, the rest of the fold and unfold is easy. 

The Kelty Speedster Swivel stroller retails for about $374.  If Kelty could only include a tire pump and make the yellow clamps less scary, it is well made, has great maneuverability, very compact when folded, and can be used from 6 months to 70 lbs.

To watch my full video review of the Kelty Speedster Swivel click the video below:

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