KidKraft Plush Dinosaur Rocker Review

KidKraft Plush Dinosaur Rocker Review

KidKraft’s Bargain Rocker Is A Good Deal

We’ve all seen the KidKraft rockers on various deal-a-day websites and I finally caved after seeing it for the 5th time since The Bee was getting into ride-on toys.

KidKraft was established in 1968 and develops a variety of children’s furniture and toys. From kitchens to personalized toy chests, you’re sure to find an item that your child will love!

I’m just not sure if the KidKraft Dinosaur Rocker was something The Bee was ready to love.

First, let’s start with the features of the rocker. It measures 27.6″L x 14.9″W x 20.1″H, not big enough to overwhelm a room, but not too small, which was a nice surprise, given the price! The rocker was well packaged and ready to use out of the box. The body of the rocker is made out of polyester and just as vibrantly colored in person as it is in the photos online. It’s very well padded, another nice feature given the price. The back of the head has 4 shapes on it, one for each song that the dinosaur has. You have to install batteries in order for the music to work, but that was quick and easy. The wood used on the handles and on the rocker was smooth and solid.

Now let’s talk about the music. Not my favorite at all. First off, the music sounds like it was recorded in a bathroom via a tape recorder that you would use at school. One song’s recording is so bad, I don’t even know what they’re singing. The buttons that you press to activate a song are not positioned exactly where they should be, so you have to feel around in order to play a song. The rocker also has an issue where it will play one song randomly, even when no one is remotely near it. Lastly, one song is a take on the alphabet song, which, I appreciate, but again, the recording’s so bad, it took me awhile to figure out they were singing about the ABCs.

Of course we had to check its rocking ability. He could easily plant his feet off to one side should he lose his balance (for the record, The Bee is above average in height for 16 months). The rocking base curves up gently and not too high, so even if he were to go wild, it didn’t feel like The Bee could rock himself off it.

Now the funny thing is The Bee will not get on it all by himself, even though he has many other toys that he will get on by himself. I’m not sure if it’s because he has to stretch just a little bit more to get on it, or that the handle/head moves forward when he tries, but I have to seat him myself. Maybe when he gets a little older it won’t be much of an issue. But then again, remember that The Bee also likes playing with the BOXES of almost everything I get him.

So, bottom line, is this bargain rocker worth it? Sans the music, YES! I personally wouldn’t even put batteries into the thing unless you really want to hear it yourself. But the solidness of its build, the wide seat and the cute factor makes it one bargain too good to pass up!

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