Kids at School Confessional – Am I Hoarder?

It’s time for another episode of Kids at School Confessional. This is where I lock myself away in the house somewhere (usually my closet!) and confess something to you guys while the kids are at school. Why do I need to hide to do this video if my kids are all at school anyway? Because that just makes it more dramatic! 🙂

In today’s Kids at School Confessional, I’m admitting something pretty big that my husband has been accusing me of for years but I’ve been denying it. Yep, it’s a new year so it is time to buck up, admit some things and make some changes.

What would you like to admit today? Leave us a comment and get it off your chest.

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Sarah Pellito

I started doing the “hanger” method after my good friend helped me clean out my closet a year after having my last child. I promised her I wouldn’t keep anything I don’t wear within a year. SO, hang all of your hangers backwards in your closet and as you wear the item you can hang it the regular way. At the end of the year, anything that has not been turned needs to go. If you didn’t wear it over the course of 365 days, clearly you don’t care for it or need it. Best wishes with your new closet!