Kid’s Curly Hair Under Control!

I have two young kids (ages 1 & 3) with the curliest, blonde locks you have ever seen!  As cute as curls can be, they can also be unruly if left to their own agenda.  Since their hair first started to grow, we have seen tangles, frizz and poofy hair frequently. 

Since I have naturally curly hair, I have been dealing with curls since I was little.  My hair was so curly when I was in 3rd grade that my mom decided to try the myth (at the time) that perming naturally curly hair actually relaxes it.  Yeah, that didn’t work!  It turned me into a brunette Annie (little orphan Annie) and I had to use a pick to comb my hair.  Then in 6th grade my mom just let my hair go and I would end up looking like a lion with big frizzy, poofy hair by the end of the school day.  Yeah, the boyfriends were lining up for me 🙂 

By 8th grade, I found the wonders of gel, moose and hairspray and my curls came alive.  It made all the difference in the world.  As all women with curly hair know though, you never “comb out” the curls.  My best friend in high school never believed me the horror that happened when you did comb it out.  So, I let her try one day.  It wasn’t good!  Too much frizz for one girl to ever have!  Luckily, I was smart enough not to go out of the house like that.

Since then, unless I straighten my hair (which I do frequently), I never leave the house without product in my curly hair.  Lots and lots of product.  When I recently figured out that my two babies have inherited the curly locks from me (the blonde is from dad), I knew I had to take control of their curls from the beginning.  I knew that all the product I used wasn’t going to work on these baby curls.  So, what did I do?  I found my curly kid god-send in Johnsons No More Tangles Detangling Spray.  I know, I know…it’s been around for ages.  And if used correctly (you have to spray enough on), your kids will have the darn cutest curly locks you’ve ever seen.  Every morning, my kids know the ritual — “time to spray your hair…it’s food for the curlies” is what we say. 

It works so great with them that I decided to try it on myself.  Yep…it’s even great for adults.  I still put in the gel but with the added Johnsons No Tangles, my curls are softer and look better.  So, if your kids have curly hair and you haven’t already tried Johnsons No Tangles…they you must try it.  Just make sure you are generous with the sprays when doing their hair and you’ll notice the difference.