Kids Summer Pajamas

Summer Pajamas


Is it just me or do children always seem to need pajamas? The more, the better. Considering a child spends at least 10 hours tossing and turning in them, choosing a comfortable pair of jammies in these summer months can be difficult. Here are some great buys to help your child get excited about bedtime. Because I can’t promise they won’t resist sleep as usual, but these may make the bedtime process a little easier.

1. Hatley Whale Rested Pajamas $19.79

Made from 100% cotton, this pink t-shirt and short set with blue trim has the image of a whale on the front with the words “Whale Rested” and is available in sizes 2T to age 7.


2. Hanna Andersson Short John Pajamas in Organic Cotton $34

Hanna Andersson makes soft and comfy organic cotton pajamas that people love. Check out her boys and girls range of sleepwear here. This pajama set for boys comes in different colors and sizes, and also in a long sleeve shirt and pant set.


3. Life Is Good Flip Flops Sleep Dress $26.00

Keep your little girl cool and comfortable in this lightweight pink sleep dress by Life Is Good. Available in sizes 2T to age 14.



4. Lazy One Kids Wide Awake Short PJ Set $20.00

How cute and true is this short pj set? Made from 100% cotton, it is available in sizes 2T to 10 years.


5. Short Giraffe Pajama Set $29.00

All kids love giraffes, and they will love these pajamas with their giraffe print and picture. Made from 100% preshrunk cotton, they are available in sizes 12 months to 4T.


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Maddy C

There is nothing quite like good quality pj’s for the kids and I am more than happy to pay a little extra for quality. Great selection!

Jennifer Kreisler

I wouldn’t ever pay so much for PJ’s, unless there were going to be photos taken ie: sleepover.. So silly! The fact is the kids need natural fiber, nothing binding, cool/or warm enough. a Fun T-shirt with cool cotton sleep shorts. are always a great option. My kids love anything if they are allowed to choose what it is. Get fabric markers and have a PJ design party with a plain T’s. Personalized, fun, memorable….. and MUCH less expensive!