Ich liebe meine Kinderpack!

When Thing 2 reached 18 months and 25 lbs I thought my days of babywearing were over.  I thought that’s it she is too heavy even for the back carry.  Then I found out I would be moving to Europe otherwise known as the land of stairs.  I knew strollers could no longer be my go to mode of transportation.  I had to find a carrier that could fit a growing toddler.  I scoured the internet and came upon my miracle: the Kinderpack!  I love it so much I wrote a poem:

Toddlers are heavy
Babies are too
Get yourself a Kinderpack
and soon you will want two!

Okay my poem is terrible but I promise the Kinderpack is good.  There are wonderful carriers on the market for babies but very few for toddlers.  For a good toddler carrier you need to find the hard working mothers slaving away in the garages turning fabric and thread into pure gold.  Kindercarry is run by one of these very mothers.  Despite the carrier’s name and the title of this post these carriers are made in the USA.  The kinderpacks they produce are so wonderful that I will not be able to do them justice in my description here.  So I won’t.  She does a great job of describing what makes her carriers different from the rest on her website.

I have tried several soft structured carriers that were advertised to work from infancy to toddlerhood and they do technically work.  However I knew there had to be something better.  The picture on the left shows a Beco Butterfly 2 which is a devine carrier for newborns to about a year maybe 18 months.  The Boba 2G is also pictured which is a great carrier for kids from about 1 to 2.  The upper right carrier is a Kinderpack in standard with solarveil.  You can tell the standard is larger then the Beco but similar to the Boba.  What you can’t see so well is that the boba and Beco lay completely flat where as both Kinderpacks can’t leaving a lot more room for baby’s bottom.  The bottom right photo is a kinderpack in toddler size and is significantly larger then Boba.  The size and structure of the carrier makes a huge difference in how a child actually sits in the carrier.  The kinderpacks are superior in this regard.

When strollers don't work...

I can describe to you my own experience.  I have carried both my 28 lb 2 year old and my 38 lb 4 year old.  When using the kinderpack Thing 1 and 2 are weightless on my back and shoulders.  That’s not to say I don’t feel the weight.  Its distributed on my hips and I can feel a serious burn in my legs after a long hike.  Now that should be enough but they don’t stop there.  These carriers are some of the most gorgeous I have seen.  The prints are adorable and the straps are always in a perfect corresponding color.  The stuffable hoody is unlike any other I have seen and only adds to the cuteness.

Kindercarry sells their carriers in pre-order fashion.  This means she begins to make a large number of carriers and puts these up for sale.  Unfortunately I am not the only one who loves these carriers so they tend to go FAST!  If you have quick fingers and are lucky enough to win the carrier of your choice you can expect to get your carrier in 4-6 weeks which is why its called a PRE-order.  Some listings go out quicker then others and the descriptions are always very accurate in their delivery times.

Kinderpacks with solarveil are a very hot commodity.  Solarveil is a wonderful addition to these carriers.  An SV (solarveil) carrier is significantly cooler and more comfortable in the summer for both baby and Mommy.  If you need a summer carrier then you need an SV Kinderpack.  Get those fast fingers ready because SV carriers go even faster then the rest.  Solarveil is no longer produced so Kinderpacks with SV are very limited.

A new pre-order is going live on Friday at noon CST and has a large selection of solarveil carriers.   The sale can be found at kindercarry.bigcartel.com.  An item will remain in your cart for 30 minutes.  No returns or cancellations are accepted so its important to think before clicking buy.  Warning: kinderpacks are addictive.  I only found out about their existence 4 months ago and I already own 2 and am on the hunt for my third.  Its normal to want one in every size, right?  Here are just a few of the great designs that will be up in this pre-order:

Organic Ready, Set, Go Carrier
Kinderpack with white solarveil
Kinderpack with yellow solarveil
Kinderpack with mint solarveil
Kinderpack with white solarveil

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