Guidecraft Contemporary Kitchen Helper Tower Review

I’m checking in today to share a review of my toddler’s Kitchen Helper and why you might consider purchasing one for your child. We personally have the Guidecraft Contemporary Kitchen Helper tower, purchased from Amazon, but there are several different brands and styles out there.71rFj0SxPzL._SL1500_

My son is two and a half years old and has been using his tower for about six months now. I actually considered using it with him earlier than turning two, but truthfully, he wasn’t showing interest. Around the time he turned two he began to ask to help me in the kitchen, so I thought it was the perfect time to pull the tower out.

The short story is that he loves the tower. He really¬†enjoys being at the counter height with me to help prepare meals or bake. I appreciate that it is sturdy and he is “contained” while being at a great height to work with me. It allows him some independence and ownership of whatever we are making. (For me personally, I let him help prep the food but he can’t join me at the stove top just yet. He stays in the tower to watch me cook, but can’t come close to the stove.)

toddler helper

Now, the long(er) story: I made sure to select one that folded, as storing a large piece of ‘furniture’ such as this would be cumbersome and take up too much space in our smaller kitchen. When folded up, the tower takes up very little space in the corner of our eat-in area. For that reason alone, I love this kitchen helper. It takes only seconds to assemble / disassemble it. The platform is high enough to put my toddler at a great height to mix batter or crack eggs – while not being so high that he can’t get in and out of it by himself. You can also adjust the height to three different levels.



Prior to using the kitchen tower, I tried letting my son stand on a step stool to help me. This was problematic for a few reasons. One, they didn’t get him high enough to reach the kitchen counters with ease, and two, he fell while reaching for something. I have friends that use stools or even kitchen chairs turned backwards… but for my son, I don’t yet trust him on either a stool or chair.

The tower is also available in white and honey
The tower is also available in white and honey

Is this item a must have? No, definitely not. But if you are considering purchasing one for your toddler, you won’t regret it. It comes in three different colors, and also makes a great gift item!

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