Do You Know If Your Baby Is Safe? (VIDEO)

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Having a baby is an amazing experience that comes with cuddles, memories and a ton of baby stuff! There are strollers, cribs, car seats, playards, playmats, entertainers, carriers and the list goes on and on. It seems like from the time you see those two pink lines on the pregnancy stick, your house starts to become overrun with everything baby. How did all that baby gear get into your house?


You did your research. You combed the internet to find out what the best products are for your baby. You sat for hours glued to the Baby Gizmo YouTube channel watching video after video trying to choose your perfect stroller. You asked your friends. You asked your neighbors. You grilled random strangers in Target about their carriers. And you’d like to think you made the safest choices for your little bundle of joy, but how do you know when that product stops being the safest because of a defect or recall?

How do you know when others have filed complaints? There can be hundreds of complaints made to government agencies about child-specific products before a recall is issued.  During this period, children can continue to be injured or killed by these unsafe products. You wouldn’t want your child to continue using a potentially dangerous product, right?

A major recall earlier this year had 144 consumer complaints before being recalled. Well, if you are a member of Empowered SAFETY you’d be alerted to these complaints.


There can be long delays between when major complaints are made about a product and an official recall. But how do you know when people are filing them?! Sure, you could pour over every news report, legal filing, press release, blog post and federal and state agency websites to make sure your products haven’t been recalled, but not only will you not have time for this, you probably won’t see the complaints before the recall even happens.

So how do you know? The answer is you probably don’t.

Until now.

A new online service is doing the work for you! Empowered SAFETY is the only service to alert consumers of these complaints prior to a recall being issued.  They are monitoring all those places that you don’t have time for or don’t know where to look.

They have a team of research staff who review all consumer complaints and match each one to the over 500,000 child-specific products in their database; many of which have not, or may never be, officially recalled.

This is stuff YOU need to know about!

If you sign up at, not only will you receive alerts on product safety, but their research team collects other critical information and delivers it directly to you on things like food safety such a food recalls in the area where YOUR family lives. Major spinach recall in your area and you are a huge green smoothie gal? You don’t want to wait until Facebook starts trending it before you know, right?!

Plus, they will show you home safety alerts such as articles and news specific to your children’s ages. And Health and Wellness news such as issues in your area or specific to you children’s ages.

So, how do they know what products YOU have? Well, when you sign up, it’s easy to match your products with the half-million child products in Empowered SAFETY’s database, and then sit back and let the email notifications on your products roll in, should complaints be made against them.

Here is what my weekly update looks like when there are no major alerts that I need to be aware of on my products.


I hope you don’t get any email notifications about major complaints on your products, so that you can feel confident that the products your babies and kids are using are a-okay, but things happen and you should know about them if they do.

Another great feature is that you can also use the site to research consumer complaints for a child-specific product before you purchase (premium members can do this!).  That’s really handy when you are worried that you want the safest high chair or a car seat that has few complaints.

There is a fee for the Empowered Safety service (less than 50 cents a day) but it’s your child’s safety.  You probably want to know when the products in your house or the food in your fridge are recalled or complained about or other safety issues, so I encourage you to check out Empowered Safety.

Keep watching our Baby Gizmo videos to help you choose the right baby gear for you, but let Empowered Safety keep you up to date if anything should happen.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Empowered SAFETY. As always, all thoughts, opinions and statements are my own.


  1. The only baby product that comes to mind right now is the bumbo. I sent in for the safety kit and all should be good for baby #2 now.

  2. I had, used and loved my infantino baby sling. It was pretty and easy to use. I always kept an eye on my son when using it, but i had to look up at some point while walking. So when i found out they were called after infant deaths. It was so scary.

  3. I have not bought any thing that has been recalled but I have bought things that were already used and then returned to the store as soon as I saw they were used I brought them right back to the store and got my money back and told them they should check thing before they put them back out to be resold.

  4. I would love to know what is safe and what will be recalled. no matter how much you try it’s help from above that keeps kids safe because there are so many ways kids can get hurt even with every precaution. that having been said, I try to be as cautious as possible and I think this can help me to watch over my two baby boys, a one and two year old, better. Thanks Baby gizmo for providing this and so many other wonderful opportunities!

  5. I once had a car I brought in for one recall repair, and while there, the dealer fixed TWO other recalls! You bet I unloaded that car FAST!

  6. I had a baby bed some years back that was recalled and for good reason. The spaces between were too large and my baby got stuck in the middle of the night. That was scary!! Great site!

  7. The buckle on the infant car seat was recalled just as my son was moving to a convertible seat. We still got the new buckle so. That the seat will still be usable with our next baby.

  8. We had a hanging toy from our Tiny Love Gymini recalled and it wasn’t worth the effort to get a new one so I just threw it away and put a new toy up there.

  9. We had an Evenflow sling carrier that was recalled. We didn’t know it until someone at a second hand store I like to get books at recognized it and told us. It was easy to fix, and Evenflow sent us a new carrier right away.

  10. Omg this website is genius i am always looking for recalls on my products my little is coming next month thank you for the info. I hope i have made the best choice for baby gear


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