Lactation Consultants are “Boneheads” According to Whoopi Goldberg on The View

Lactation Consultants are “Boneheads” According to Whoopi Goldberg on The View

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced that he has put together a breastfeeding initiative program to help mothers with breastfeeding in hospitals. The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene page describes this as the following

Breastfeeding Initiative: Activities include encouraging breastfeeding by educating mothers, providers an d the public; seeking support for breastfeeding mothers in the workplace (see DOHMH Lactation Program); helping to establish hospital practices to assist women who breastfeed; and advocating policy to increase awareness and supportive services for breastfeeding.

Did you get mad reading that? No, neither did I, but Whoopi Goldberg certainly did. She sent a message to the Mayor telling himĀ  “This is not your place. Back off.” Ouch. But wait, it gets better. Whoopi explains that she did not want to breastfeed, and she goes on to call lactation consultants “boneheads” for trying to help women with issues.

You can watch the video below.


The way she describes women who help nursing mothers is completely disrespectful in my opinion, and her having a problem with a breastfeeding initiative is just ridiculous. If she had a bad experience with her lactation consultant, that’s one thing, but why call them all “boneheads”?

There are many women who suffer from an uncomfortable latch, tongue tie, positioning after a c-section, engorgement, milk blisters, mastitis, and so many other things that they need help from the professionals. They are nervous about returning to work and being able to pump at work, so they turn to others for advice. A baby friendly hospital could make all the difference between a successful nursing story and an unsuccessful one.

There are also many women who are forceful and have no shame in making others feel somehow “below them” for not nursing their baby. I’ve heard comments like “This is why I choose to do what’s best for my baby!” As much as these women frustrate me too, this initiative is aimed at helping mothers through a crucial time, and for Whoopi to say such things on national TV is irresponsible.

I am 22 weeks pregnant and still nursing my 19 month old. And what I look forward to more than anything is the support and help of the women at the hospital with breastfeeding when I give birth in September. So Whoopi Goldberg, YOU back off.

What are your thoughts on what Whoopi Goldberg said?


  1. I’ve always thought Whoopie was an idiot. She also said Michael Vick wasn’t an animal abuser… that all of us in VA fight dogs. Just ’cause you are famous doesn’t mean you have a clue.

  2. They Do happen to annoy me. They take everything so seriously and look down at you of you don’t choose nursing. I nursed my son for 5 months, and stopped producing so had to stop and they just made it like I was lazy and didn’t care about my child.

  3. I can relate to what she said. My lactation consultant was rude and not helping at all.
    I was a first time mom, and was clueless about everything. I felt as if she was judging me and pressuring me instead of helping. And then, when my baby couldn’t latch for 2 days, I wanted him to eat! So I gave him formula and OMG! You should have seen her attitude. Not nice.

    A couple of months ago a similar thing happened to my sister. She had no milk supply at all, she was crying, and all the lactation consultant said was: Why don’t you wanna breastfeed? You CAN do it, but you WON’T? Do you want your baby to eat fake food? It really messes up with hormonal new mommies.

    Definitely a good thing for consultants. But I think they should understand they are there to help and guide, not judge and criticize.

  4. If I didn’t have a lactation consultant helping me, I would have had a hard time. I think every new mom needs help but it’s also their right to choose to see a lactation consultant or not. Whoopi has no right calling them boneheads.

  5. My lactation consultant was wonderful! She gave me lots of great tips and advice and helped me through a lot.She was a nurse, though, and not part of “the League”. The hospital I delivered at gave me the choice of breastmilk or formula. There was no pressure either way. After the delivery, I decided to use formula until my milk came in. The nursing staff, including lactation consultant, was very supportive.

    I have known people who have been very pushy about their views when it comes to childbirth and nursing. I think people need to just do the best they can and get off each others backs about what other people are doing. Formula or breastmilk: just do the best you can people!! Don’t judge others based on how they feed their babies, that will only turn them off to your way of thinking, not encourage them to see your side at all.

  6. Although I think there could be a lot of help, the lactation consultants ruined my preemie’s beginning achievement at natural latching, confused and stressed me out, and never did well with follow-up from questions I had and made me fearful of medications that were deemed safe by my ob. I personally know that we would have been successful if they hadn’t gotten involved. HOWEVER, I do think that typically they do help people. I think they need more formal education (from what I observed)

    I did at times feel very pressured to allow them to “meddle” and noticed no hierarchy or supervision to prevent a lot of unfocused information, and incomplete follow through


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