Land of Nod Teepee Review

My son, 20 months now, received the Land of Nod’s ‘A Teepee to Call Your Own’ as a fun Christmas gift from his great-aunt this past year. He (and I) have been using it for a few months now, and I feel confident that I can write an honest review of the teepee.


First, a little background on the product:

The Orange Stripe Canvas Teepee measures 47″Wx47″Dx63″H when fully assembled (there are several other colors and patterns available on their website as well). The cover is made of 100% durable, cotton canvas fabric and the poles are solid bamboo. The teepee is for indoor use only, and despite the cotton material, Land of Nod recommends to dry clean or spot clean only. It is recommended for ages 3 and up- you’ll notice my son is younger than this. I’d like to point this out but also note that he is always supervised when playing with and in his teepee.

teepee 2


The quality. The canvas is incredibly durable and feels very well-made. The solid bamboo poles are very sturdy. I can understand the premium price for this product, because it is clear that Land of Nod used premium materials to craft this teepee.

The simplicity. There are no extra bells and whistles to the teepee, and I can really appreciate that. I can’t be the only parent who is tired of these toys that come with three hundred pieces, right? I also appreciated that it took me less than five minutes to assemble. I also love how simple this teepee is because I find it fosters great creativity and adventure in my son. He enjoys having his own space, where I am sometimes invited into, that he can play with his toys, hide, or create his own adventure.

-The unique-ness. How many kids can say they have their very own teepee? It puts a smile on my face each time we walk down the steps into the playroom and I spy the teepee. Teepees are pretty trendy right now, for sure, but they’re still not found everywhere. And that means I consider them unique.

teepee 3


The size. Yes, measurements are provided ahead of time, but I couldn’t visualize it until the teepee was physically in front of me. And I find it to be smaller than I expected! I’ve seen pictures of this used in a nursery and I think that’s adorable. My son’s bedroom is too small to house the teepee, so we opted to place it in our basement playroom. Our basement is a decent size, in my opinion, and I find the teepee looks small in there. Also, the space inside is cramped for an adult to sit. Of course, it wasn’t designed for this- I just wanted to point this out.

The design. Because the teepee stands using four independent poles, it is easy to move around and is semi-portable (by an adult). But that said, I find it somewhat difficult to keep the teepee fully open. I am often readjusting the angles of the poles to maximize the interior space. My son never seems bothered by this, of course- this is just my pet peeve.

The price. It retails for $159 plus shipping (unless you’re lucky enough to live near a retail location). It’s not super expensive or anything, but definitely something that requires a bit of thought- not a $20 impulse buy (at least not for me).

teepee playroom real teepee


Overall, we are big fans of this teepee and would recommend it to others. It makes an especially great gift as it’s quiet and doesn’t require batteries- two things parents love!

BUY The Land of Nod “A Teepee To Call Your Own (Orange Stripe)” HERE