Learning at Home with Kid O

We’ve all heard about or seen the Kid-O Bilibo but did you know they have a selection of really cool, interactive, fun, and educational toys?

To be honest, I had no idea who made the Bilibo until my 1-year-old son received a Go Car as a present this past Christmas. The Go Car became an immediate favorite! It’s the perfect size and shape for his chubby little hands and it’s visually appealing. I looked up the company and that’s when I found it’s the same makers as the Bilibo.

I also found all their educational toys and let out a squee. These are absolutely perfect for home learning and play… Not to mention they are made from sustainable materials, non-toxic and constructed well (not just glued together). I naturally lean towards anything Montessori-like, because of my background and training, but you don’t have to teach or know anything about Montessori in order to use these items to their maximum potential.Narrow to Wide Puzzle

Your little one will be introduced to the difference between wide and narrow visual just by completing this puzzle. You can also find ways to interact and teach by asking which one is narrow, wide… widest, etc. Then use the same concept with the different shades of green. Matching Shades Puzzle

With these you can introduce light, dark, darker and darkest with the three different colors in addition to learning each colors’ name.

Short to Tall Puzzle

With these you introduce short, tall, taller, tallest as well as identifying the multiple shades of blue.

Exploring Fractions Puzzle

Fractions can be introduced at a very early age, it’s something we generally use and talk about without even being aware we are doing so. Like when we ask our preschoolers if they would like a whole or a half of a sandwich, etc. With a tactile fraction puzzle, we can show our preschoolers what a whole and what a half (and a fourth) looks like!

Recognizing Shapes Puzzle

This is a great puzzle for shape and color recognition.

Sorting Primary Colors Rings

This is good for sorting and counting- How many red? How many blue? How many yellow? How many total?

What do you use, at home, to help your preschooler learn?

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