Learning is fun with the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Music Table!

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn with Friends Music Table

The Fisher Price Laugh and Learn with Friends Music Table encourages little minds to learn in a fun and interactive environment. The table has four corners all with different activities to ensure your child does not get easily bored.

We received this table as a gift, and my daughter started playing with it at around 7 months old. The wonderful thing about this table is that the legs are easily removed so that your little one can sit and play with it, and once they are able to stand, you can attach the legs back on.

Sit and learn with the table
Removable legs allow your baby to sit and play


As your child learns to walk, you can watch them walk round and play with every corner. There is a laptop for them to open and close and press buttons. When my daughter was smaller, she would simply continue to open and close the laptop and this would please her. It teaches words like “Hello”, “Goodbye”, “open” and “close”, and when the keys are pressed, they teach letters and shapes.  There is also a mouse next to it that when you move, it says “up”, “down”,  “high” and “low”.



The second corner is a book with one page to turn, and it reads simple words to them like “Run little cat.”  Thirdly, there is the piano section with different colored keys which teaches them colors, and lastly, there is the phone which teaches them numbers and says “hello” and “goodbye.”


There are four settings on the table:

1) Let’s learn English- whatever button your child presses says a word in English

2) Let’s learn Spanish- every word in said in both English and Spanish

3) Music time – all the buttons play a different up tempo song

4) Let’s play – no words, just “sounds”. The sounds of a piano, a page turning, a laptop keyboard clicking and a phone keypad dialing.

There are three volume levels located under the table so you change the setting depending on how loud you want the noise. We leave it on the music option, so whatever button our daughter presses plays a short song and she claps and dances. This makes it fun for us too! One or two toddlers can play on it together, and believe me, they will!

The Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Table retails for $49.99 and requires three AA batteries which are included. Considering we’ve had it for several months, we still have yet to change the batteries, which is another plus.

This is a great gift for a baby or toddler, and it will even put you in a good mood!

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