Leftover Candy? Join Operation Shoebox!

With Halloween right around the corner, some of us mamas are a bit wary of how much candy is about to be consumed by our little ones. Am I the only one?

Last year was our first year trick or treating – with a 1 and 3 year old – and I can’t believe all the sweet loot that rode home in our wagon with us! The neighbors were quite generous with my little dragon and princess! This year, my daughter remembers all the yummy candy and is already asking me if she can eat her 4 pieces really fast or if she has to space them out … haha!

With all the extra candy, my husband and I will surely take a small tax, but then, what to do with it all? We don’t need to munch on it until Thanksgiving – that’s for sure!

Enter Operation Shoebox!

operation shoebox

Operation Shoebox is a wonderful organization who is constantly at work to support our troops and brighten their days while overseas. One of the most popular requests from soldiers is candy! Holidays, especially Halloween, are the perfect time to share the sweets with those who deserve a treat!

So, after trick or treating, divvy out your family’s candy however you choose, and then fill gallon plastic bags with leftover, individually wrapped candy and mail it to Operation Shoebox. From there, they’ll repackage and assure safe delivery to our military men and women!

Operation Shoebox

8360 East Highway 25

Belleview. Fl. 34420

Read all the details about donation HERE.


Share this post on your Facebook page and rally your friends and neighbors to participate with you! Just imagine how much candy you can fit in those USPS flat rate shipping boxes!

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