Leg Warmers Can Be A Dress’s BFF in Winter


As we are officially in the dead of winter (at least here in the North), I have had to modify my kids’ wardrobes to make sure all the winter clothes are front and center!  The coats, boots, scarves and gloves have all come out of hibernation to make a daily appearance in my house.  Trying to keep my kids warm in the single digit temperatures can sometimes be a challenge.  One of my biggest challenges is my 4 year old daughter’s constant desire to wear a dress so that she “can be pretty” no matter what the temp is outside.  Knowing that isn’t a battle that I want to fight, I give in to the dresses and realize it is going to be another year of the leg warmers in my house!

Being a child of the 80s, I love things that remind me of my own childhood.  Leg warmers are no exception.  Little leg warmers made especially for babies and toddlers have made a comeback in the last few years!  If you don’t think so, you should see my daughter on any given day in Fall & Winter.  These little leg warmers help keep little legs warm, especially the often exposed skin between the sock and the bottom of the pant or skirt.  They also make diaper changes a breeze and protect little knees when crawling. 

A brilliant alternative to tights, leg warmers allow parents to keep their little girls in dresses and skirts in the winter.  I do have to admit that on extra cold days we layer the leg warmers over tights though.  They are also great for gymnastics and dance class. Since we all know tights can be quite a hassle, baby leg warmers are also great for our little potty-trainers. 

Not only practical to keep kids warm, but they will be sure to make a fashion statement with leg warmers.  They come in so many colors and fun patterns that you’ll want to stock up with a variety to match your baby or toddler’s outfits in the winter! Leg warmers are a must have in my diaper bag in the Fall and Winter because you never know when you’ll need a little extra warmth with a whole lot of fashion. 

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