LEGO and small storage solutions for all those holiday toys

Are you looking at the gifts you purchased for your children with wide eyes? LEGOs are always a must-have holiday toy — they also come with a lot of little pieces. Even the DUPLO blocks need a place to live (and hurt like heck when you step on them). Here’s our roundup of this year’s must-have LEGO (and other small toy) storage solutions.

Swoop Bag

With Swoop Bags ($45), clean up is as easy as 1-2-3. Play directly on the open bag (or place all toys on it after playing), pull the rope and you’re on your way! The Swoop Bag is the ultimate toy bag and playmat in one.

See our full review on Swoop Bags HERE.

Box 4 Blox

The BOX4BLOX storage system ($39.95) is an award winning toy storage solution for organizing and storing LEGOs. BOX4BLOX keeps LEGO pieces organized with it’s built-in sorting system — each level has a sorting grid, which allows smaller pieces to fall through and end up in the bottom tray. The trays stack on top of each other to form a simple and fun place to store up to 1700 LEGO bricks! Bonus: It’s made in the USA!

Ikea Vessla Bins

It’s not a sorter and it’s not easy to travel with but it is the least expensive option for storing toys. These Vessla bins ($5.99) — with the purchase of the optional lid ($2.00) stack on top of each other to create a functional storage solution. The built-in casters allow each bin to roll on hard floors and the top edge acts as a carry handle.

LEGO City Zip-Bin and Playmat

If you’re looking for an interactive playmat and storage solution, the Zip-Bin ($24.99) is the way to go. With an included playmat, your child’s imagination will run wild while playing with his or her LEGOs. Although it doesn’t sort or travel as easily as the other storage solutions, you can zip the bin closed to help contain messes.

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