Legoland California Park + Water Park + Aquarium Unlimited Pass For Just $89.99!

Thinking of visiting Legoland California? Costco is offering an amazing deal but only until March 14th, 2018, so you’re going to need to act fast!

This Legoland Play Pass┬ádeal is legit and it’s unbelievable considering the price of a one day ticket is over $90! We are big Legoland fans, so we purchased these and visited yesterday. Here’s everything you need to know:

1) You only have until March 14th, 2018 to grab this $89.99 deal. It’s purchased online (no need to visit the store!) and your e-ticket is emailed to you.

2)┬áThese passes will last you until January 18th, 2019. That’s ten months!

3) Your first visit must occur before April 30th, 2018. So if you’re out of town and planning on using these for a visit later in the year, they won’t work unfortunately.

4) They are unlimited passes for the Legoland Park, Legoland Water Park and Legoland’s Sea Life Aquarium! The water park is inside Legoland itself and the aquarium is fairly small (doable in two hours, maybe even less) and located right next to Legoland.

5) Children under 3 years old are free.

6) The only blackout dates are December 26th, 2018 – January 1st, 2019. Otherwise, you’re free to go whenever! Legoland’s own Merlin Annual Standard Pass that costs $199 has water park weekend blackout dates in July and August, but these $89.99 tickets don’t!

7) Parking is NOT included. Parking is $20 for a car, $10 for a motorcycle and $30 for all other vehicles. See my note below for information on how you can avoid this if you think you will be visiting a lot.

8) You must print your e-ticket, fill in your name, email and zip code at the bottom of each ticket and take them with you. When you arrive at the park, they will scan the e-tickets and let you inside. You will then see Membership Services on your right, which is where you must go and get your photos taken for your actual Legoland Play Pass cards. Try to do this as soon as you go in, because kids are usually exhausted and not in the mood when it’s time to go home. You only have to do this one time on your first visit, that’s it.

Note: If you feel you will be visiting the park a lot, and want to avoid paying $20 each time for parking, you do have another option. You can use one of your $89.99 play passes to upgrade to a Legoland Merlin annual pass (Legoland confirmed that you would just need to pay the difference in price). Legoland offers two Merlin passes that include free parking: the Standard Pass for $199 and the Premium Pass for $279. But, the Standard Pass does have water park blackout dates: every weekend in July and the first half of August. This is when most people would be using the pass more because of the SoCal heat and school holidays! The Merlin Premium Pass has no blackout dates, and other benefits you can read here, so you may want to consider this.

And that’s it! You can read about the Legoland park here and the water park here. We love Legoland, so feel free to ask any questions in the comments below!

BUY The Costco Legoland California Play Passes HERE