Let Your Little Ones Touch The Art!

Let Your Little Ones Touch The Art!

Touch the Art Books

Art museums are not known for being little kid-friendly; the idea of applesauce fingers on a Rodin or Monet is a curator’s nightmare.  Instead,  you can bring the museum experience to your toddler with the Touch the Art series of board books by Julie Appel and Amy Guglielmo.

Let Your Little Ones Touch The Art!With titles like Pop Warhol’s Top and Make Van Gogh’s Bed, this wonderful series introduces young children to classical and modern art with a touchy-feely twist.  Your child can feel Mona Lisa’s hair, scratch and sniff Cézanne or ruffle the feathers of a Picasso without ruining a masterpiece.  The authors have tied different collections of pieces together with the types of rhymes and repetitive patterns that little kids love in other favorite books.  Kids will love chasing Picasso’s rooster through the farm (which also houses animals from Stubbs, Avery and Rousseau), tickling an ancient mummy’s toes or counting with Cassatt, Vuillard and Degas.  Don’t forget to check out the last few pages of each book, where you will find brief histories of the artists and works.

Developed by a teacher and parent duo, the Touch the Art series is great for toddlers Let Your Little Ones Touch The Art!through early elementary ages.  With the addition of teacher notes and lesson plan ideas on the series’ website, this collection would also delight your child’s teacher this holiday season.

These durable board books are a wonderful addition to any child’s home library, and might just inspire some frame-able finger paintings or shelf-worthy play dough sculptures!

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