Let’s get ready for back-to-school 2011 with a best backpack round-up!

The countdown is officially on for back-to-school. The schools are posting the lists of items needed and parents are scrambling to find the best deals but what about the kids? What is it that they really want to start the school year with? A new back-pack, of course! A backpack is the defining moment of who they are. The one thing that they proudly carry everyday to school that really lets their personality shine. Sure it has to be functional but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be cute and fun all at the same time, right?! Here’s a look at my picks for the top backpacks for the 2011 season from Pre-K to junior high, one of these backpacks will surely still your little one’s heart (and hopefully yours too)!

This is my favorite backpack for the Pre-K set. It was popular last year too but this year they are two new animals that are joining the “zoo,” an elephant and a fox. The hardest part will be having them decide which animal is their favorite! Skip Hop Zoo Packs, $20, at landofnod.com.

This backpack is perfect for those going off to kindergarten for the first time. It’s big enough to fit everything they need, especially with the extra side pockets, and it’s not too grown-up for them in design as it’s adorned with whimsical robots and animals. Beatrix New York Big Kid Backpacks (also available in little kid too), $52, at landofnod.com.


If I could be any backpack in the world, this is the backpack I would be! Isn’t it just so COZY?! The Puffer Backpack, $98, at serenaandlily.com.

Is it just me or are kids really obsessed with things on rollers? If you’re child is carrying a heavy load to and from school, consider a rolling backpack which will make both of you very, very happy. Hanna Anderson Rolling Backpacks, $55.50, at hannaandersson.com.


As I say in my house, “bring on the glamour and the glitz!” Girls are going crazy for this Gap sparkle backpack, $29.95, and the boys are proud carrying the Gap Union Jack Pack, $24.95.

How much FUN is this backpack? No-one will mess the kid wearing this! Spikeasaurus Full Pack (also available in a smaller size), $60, at chasing-fireflies.com.

Which one is your favorite?