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  1. With my first, I craved mashed potatoes early on and milk shakes all the time. It was a girl. #2 have me terrible morning sickness weeks 10-17 and tater tots were the only think I wanted to eat during that time. Eventually I craved milk shakes and beef. It was a boy. #3, another girl came soon after #2 and I just craved more of everything but nothing in particular. I had a strong chocolate aversion with all 3. I couldn’t eat a piece of chocolate, like a bar, m&m, or kiss it was so upsetting.

  2. With my first son, I preferred salty & savory foods. Also had a huge craving for beef-steak & burgers were in regular rotation! With my daughter I wanted sweet & healthey options. I craved watermelon, melon, and fruit salad for the first half of my pregnancy then mashed potatoes’ and French fries, and pasta the second half of my pregnancy. With my third child (a boy) I didn’t have many cravings. Mostly aversions for the majority of my pregnancy.

    Congrats & best wishes!

  3. With my first two I had no special cravings or aversions (I had a boy and a girl, separately). I am two months pregnant with my third and am craving everything meat, and carbs- potatoes, pasta, bread/toast, pizza!!!!, rice and of course I have to have my orange juice everyday! I am very disappointed if we run out (we live in the country so no quick runs to the store for me).
    The thought of sweets makes me nauseous right now. I have no idea what I’m having, daddy wants a boy but I’m ok with either, although I may have purchased a few girl outfits already because they were so cute!! 😉

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