Let’s Welcome Mamas & Papas to the US!

Proclaimed Great Britian’s number one baby brand, Mamas & Papas brings their delectable products across the pond.  On August 12th, Mamas & Papas will offer their eye-catching full size and light-weight strollers, which are said to rival the Bugaboo, Maclaren, Mutsy and other well known high end strollers, as well as their yummy highchairs and appealing bouncers to moms in the US.  Although their high end stroller, the Urbo, retails for $499, Mamas & Papas also offers quality strollers at lower prices allowing most moms to own these products at a price that doesn’t shock the baby gear budget.  Bouncers are offered starting at $80 and highchairs are priced from $180, with toys and other baby gear also available. 

Mamas & Papas was founded in 1981 by one of Great Britian’s first female entrepreneurs, Luisa Scacchetti, who built the brand on her passion for style, quality and innovation.  You can explore this brand, as well as find out where to purchase at http://us.mamasandpapas.com/en-US/.  


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Kori Savage, Editor As a mother on the go each day of the week due to the demands of working outside the home, Kori is constantly in search of the perfect baby products to make her "on the go" lifestyle more palatable. Educational stimulation is also of utmost importance to Kori and she is constantly in search of those baby products that encourage learning and imaginative play. Kori is mother to the most amazing two year old little girl, who is always ready to try out yet another one of mom's "perfect" baby product finds. Kori loves to spend spare time with family and experiencing the rich culture of New Orleans, the city she has always called home!

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I’ve just moved my family to Canada from England 7 months ago. We were frequent shoppers at our local Mamas & Papas shop. I’m really happy to hear that M&P are going to be selling overseas! But what I’m furious about are the extortionate prices! A M&P Luna Mix would have cost me 145 GBP *including taxes might I add* !!!! So why should I pay 389.00 Canadian Dollars before taxes??? Doesn’t make any sense…. import doesn’t cost that much –