LG Minibeam Nano Wireless Projector Review

It’s that time of year that we are all searching for the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Gifts for everyone from dad to grandma to the babysitter! Recently we came across a new electronic (or shall we say “new gizmo”?) that we are sure will be on many of our friends’ wish lists!

We have been testing out the new LG Minibeam Nano LED Projector all month and we have to say that we are smitten on this little guy. This tiny projector fits in your hand (weighs less than a lb) but can project a screen up to 100″. Yep, that comes in pretty handy on football Sundays in our house! The Nano also runs on a 2-hour, built-in, rechargeable battery so that you can take this little guy anywhere. The kids can watch movies in the playhouse. The block party movie night is no problem with the Nano because there are no cords to worry about. It’s great for indoor and outdoor use.

And if you  have an Android or Windows Smartphone or Tablet you can connect wirelessly to your device! Yep, truly wire-free when you are wirelessly connecting to Netflix (or another show or movie) on your smartphone. If you have an Apple phone, you can still use the Nano IF you purchase a HDMI connector to your iOS. We purchased ours for about $50.

Overall, we think the picture that it projects is great but we do recommend getting an another speaker if you want the best sound. The speaker on the Nano is okay for small spaces but if you want to go big and do the 100″ screen, an additional speaker is definitely needed. We have the LG Electronics Sound Bar and it works GREAT!

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And don’t miss this fun video of places that we use the LG Nano!

*Disclosure: We received an LG Nano for review consideration. As always, all thoughts, opinions and statements are our own. We wouldn’t tell you about something we didn’t like!