Life With A Newly Potty Trained Kid

My son just turned three years old and he is newly potty trained. I tried everything. I read every book, read every article online, took on all of the advice that was given to me and nothing seemed to work. I stayed home for weeks at a time so my son could pick up on it and still nothing. Then one magical day while we were sitting at The Cheesecake Factory, the heavens parted, the Halleluiah Chorus started, and my son told me he had to use the potty. Just like that, out of nowhere. He has been using the potty like a boss ever since. With not a single accident. I don’t know what clicked in his little head that day but I am so thankful that light bulb went off! Now that he is a potty trained little boy, I would be lying if I said our lives haven’t changed at all, because they have. Today I’ll tell you the truths about life with a newly potty trained kid.


When my son was in diapers, things were pretty easy. It didn’t matter where we were or how long we were out for. If he had to go, he just did. We live a very on-the-go lifestyle and are constantly out and about places. The first real difference I noticed was that I have to know where the closest bathroom is at all times. If we go to a shopping mall, I need to check the floor plans as soon as we get in. If we’re at Disneyland, I have every bathroom in every area committed to memory. Because when a newly potty trained kid tells you they have to go, you’ve got about five minutes to high tail it to the restroom!

You should expect to see a lot of poop and pee. Maybe this is TMI, but it’s the truth! The first two weeks after my son was potty trained he wanted to show me what was in the potty EVERY SINGLE TIME. He was so proud of himself! It’s so sweet and digusting at the same time. What I wasn’t expecting was that he would literally go to every person who was in our house expecting high fives each and every time. Yep, that’s my kid. High-five my poop! Be ready to see it all and to give lots and lots of praise!

I find myself still asking my son if he has to go before every single car ride, and as soon as we get out of the car. I also ask him about every 30 minutes while we’re out. It’s become second nature to continually remind him to tell me while we’re out, especially if we’re at playgrounds or playdates where little minds get easily distracted and are sometimes too busy to stop.

On a good note, I realized how much lighter my bag was! I used to have to carry a huge bag with me at all times because it was packed full of diapers and wet wipes. Not anymore! I joke with my husband that this is going to save me big bucks on future chiropractor appointments.

Our favorite part of having a newly potty trained child is the money we’re saving on not buying diapers! I never minded changing them to begin with but I sure as heck don’t miss that either. Shopping for little cute undies are fun and so much cheaper in the long run! I always stressed about potty training and was nervous my son would never get it. I think you always hear the horror stories. The bad and the ugly and the worst case scenarios, but the truth is, there’s not need to stress it. Take comfort in knowing that sometimes, we just have to wait until they’re ready!

How has your life changed after having a potty trained kid? Any funny things to point out? Leave us a comment and let us know!