LifeProof Your iPhone

While this isn’t the usual type of baby gear that we review, I think it is a must-have for all parents with an iPhone 4. If you have been with us for a while, you know that I have a very close relationship with my iPhone. The kind of relationship that requires it to stay by my side all the time. Okay, unless one of my kids have swiped it and are playing Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja or something. Even if you aren’t the type of parent to let your child play with your iPhone, you will love LifeProof!  LifeProof is a new company based out of San Diego that makes the BEST cases for your iPhone hands down.

The LifeProof case is designed to let you use your iPhone in any wet, dirty or rough situation!  Isn’t that every situation with a child?!? The case is water proof, dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof. That is a lot of proof that it is the perfect case for a parent.

Before I get into all the “proofs” of the LifeProof case, I want to tell you what I like about it.

First, it is extremely lightweight and compact. This case isn’t going to weigh your phone down (less than 1 oz) or bulk it up so that it looks like a George Costanza wallet in a dad’s pocket. The case is extremely thin and keeps your phone almost the same size as it would be without a case.

Second, all your iPhone functions are still usable with the case on. You can adjust the volume, take photos, Facetime, use the touch screen, listen to music, and even charge the phone with the case on. There is really no reason that you ever have to take the case off.

Third, the camera is not affected at all. The LifeProof case features double anti-reflective coated optical glass lenses that fit over your camera lense to keep your crystal clear photo and video quality.

Fourth, the case comes in four colors to suit your taste. I chose the black but you could also choose a pink, purple or white one.

Basically all the functions of your phone work the exact same. Okay, except one. My only very minor complaint with the case is that when you use the speakerphone, the speaker is a bit quieter than without the case. No biggie though. The rest of the features more than make up for that! I have no problem using the touch screen, hearing a phone call or taking photos/videos.

Now, let’s get to the “proofs”. My favorite feature of the case is hand-down the water proof feature. It isn’t “water-resistant” it is WATER PROOF!  As in your toddler dumps your iPhone in the toilet proof! Your 4 year old who can’t swim jumps in the pool and you have to jump in after him with your iPhone in your pocket proof! (This happened to us and we were then one iPhone down last summer!). The case is so water proof that you can take it swimming up to 6.6 feet, in the shower or even surfing if you are so inclined. While I don’t plan to take mine swimming, I love that it will keep my iPhone safe at the pool, at the water park, near any toilet or really any body of water whatsoever. I tested the waterproof feature by holding the LifeProof case with iPhone in it under the faucet and by dunking it in a glass of water. The iPhone was unaffected and working like new.

If you plan to use your phone in the water with the LifeProof case on, it is important to know that your phone’s touch screen will not work underwater. That is the technology’s problem, not LifeProof.  You can however start the video above water and take the phone under water to get underwater video of the kids. That’s pretty darn cool if you ask me! Also, while you can’t use the usual shutter button on the touch screen under water to take photos, if your iPhone is running iOS 5, it implements a feature that allows the volume increase button to function as a shutter switch for the camera. If not using iOS 5, you can “Jailbreak” your iPhone and map your picture shutter button to a volume button. You can also download the CameraButtons from the Cydia app store and bind the Volume Up key for Camera shutter. So you can see that even though the touch screen may not work under water, there are ways to still use all your photography skills.

The second proof is dirt proof. Ever had to dig mud or dirt out of your iPhone speakers? Yeah, me neither and I don’t plan to. Thanks to LifeProof it will never be an issue. If the case falls in mud or dirt, I can simply wash the case under water and dry it off and it will be good as new.

The third proof is snow proof. I live in Chicago where the winters can be brutal. No need to worry about a dropped iPhone in the snow with this case. Or maybe you’re a skier or snowboarder and need to stay connected on the slopes. The LifeProof will protect your phone there too.

The fourth proof is shock proof. Ever had a 2 1/2 year old throw your iPhone during a temper tantrum? I have. It’s not pretty. With my new case, my iPhone will just bounce and be good as new. There will be no need for a time-out for anything (or anyone) but the toddler.

I could go on and on about how much I love the LifeProof case, but I think you should just get one for yourself and check it out. Retailing at $79.99, the case isn’t cheap but with all the “proofs” it is more than worth it. Remember, water destroys an iPhone. and replacing one can be expensive. That’s why LifeProof is worth it to me!  You can buy the case on their website HERE or pick one up at Best Buy.

Just think of all the wet, dirty and rough situations you and your kids will put your iPhone in. The LifeProof just protects it and basically keeps it “life proof”. Have an iPad 2? LifeProof is coming out with a case for that too! Stay tuned!

For more information about LifeProof, visit their website HERE.

Disclosure: *Thanks to LifeProof for sending us a case for review.