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Entry #325 – Jennifer H.

If you’ve  been with us a while, you’d know that the two gadgets that are with me more than my kids are kid proof, water proof, dirt proof, shock proof and basically life proofed. That’s right! My iPhone and iPad are decked out in LifeProof cases that protect them from whatever my kids do to them. Drop the iPhone in the pool? No problem. “Accidentally” drop the iPad down the stairs? No biggie. Shake the iPad when Minecraft doesn’t exactly go your way? Well, clearly you need to step away from the game but the iPad is A-Okay!

LifeProof cases protect your iPhones, iPads and now your Samsung Galaxy SIII from water, dirt, snow and a drop. Basically everything a toddler can manage to do to a device in 30 seconds flat. If you’d like to check out our original LifeProof iPhone case review and iPad nuud case review, you can here:

LifeProof iPhone Case Review

LifeProof iPad nuud Review

While those cases are awesome – it’s so last year’s news (except for the Samsung one, of course!)! Let’s talk about what is new!

LifeProof just announced a totally new design for waterproof, drop proof, dirt proof and snow proof cases for the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy SIII. LifeProof nüüd cases leave the screen completely naked, yet are still waterproof. They are the only waterproof and drop proof cases that let you touch the actual screen.


In celebration of this new design, LifeProof put together the cutest video that is right up our baby alley! 🙂 Make sure you watch it below! (Hint: It might be a question for the giveaway!)


Now that you’ve all decided that you MUST have one of those kid-proof cases after watching the video, let’s talk about a giveaway!

That’s right, one lucky winner will receive their choice of either the LifeProof nüüd case for iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy SIII! Woot! Woot!

Baby Gizmo Giveaway

What’s up for grabs:

One (1) nüüd case for iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy SIII (winner’s choice!)

How to Enter:

Rafflecopter is back for this one! Do as many of the entry methods that strike your fancy!

A blog comment is the only mandatory entry! Baby Gizmo friends don’t just stick with “mandatory” though, right? We are overachievers! So, there are additional (optional) entries you can get.  But let us warn you – make sure you actually do the entries! If you click on “leave a blog comment” on the Rafflecopter widget – make sure you actually leave a blog comment. We check! If you don’t do the actual entry – it doesn’t count! You won’t win. We’ll both be sad.

* Giveaway STARTS now and ends at 11:59pm EST Sunday, July 28, 2013. This one is open to our friends WORLDWIDE!!!  Yep, even our Aussie friends. And our Canadian friends. You live in New Zealand? You’re in too! You get the picture. 🙂

Entry form should be below. If it doesn’t load right away – just wait longer. *In my best Jim Carrey voice from Pet Detective.* ;)

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  1. My daughter told my dental hygienist that her father died in a motorcycle wreck SO NOT TRUE!!! It was funny and mortifying. She looks a good story.

  2. Just bought my first “new” phone since becoming a mom… And my little man will destroy my iPhone 5 in no time w/o this case!!

  3. When my son gets laughing really hard he makes this hilarious squeaky belly laugh… it gets me every time 🙂

  4. During a recent visit with family my nearly four year old was discussing the difference between boy/girl parts with his aunt. About that time my husband entered the room which prompted my son to say “hey dad show aunt Jamie your dangly things by your weenie” Luckily my SIL has three boys and wasn’t too phased by this:)

  5. My little brother asked a dinnerguest if he only came to visit us because he got dinner for free, during the dinner! Would love to win this!

  6. When I asked a kid in public how her day in daycare had been, she answered HELL, loud and clear, while here big brother laughed so he couldn’t stand on his feet!

  7. My son makes me laugh on a daily basis, but two days ago we were eating Chex Mix together and he kept looking at me like he was guilty of something. He had a smug little look on his face that just had “GUILTY” written all over it!!!

    He isn’t talking yet 🙂

  8. We went to Chick-fil-A, and the cashier asked my name. I said, “Tina,” and as the cashier started to type it, my preschooler spelled it for him, “That’s M-O-M!”

  9. Not the funniest thing my little guys said but he told us he had to go potty and ran to the bathroom with his slinky dog and lifted his tail to go putty, wipped his tail then flushed the toilet and said all done!

  10. My new iPhone 5 would love to live in one of these, I think she’s probably afraid for her life at the moment.

  11. When we first brought our daughter home from the hospital in June our dog would not let ANYONE other than my fiance and I near her. He’s only about 10 lbs soaking wet but he makes sure he protects out little girl.

  12. I have a 17 month old grandson. I can’t pick one particular thing he has done that anyone else would find amusing but he makes me laugh every day. He loves to dance while listening to music on my iphone so a life proof case would be ideal especially when he gets upset and decides to throw it.

  13. In preschool, there was this kid who was infamous for going to the restroom. He would pull down his pants OUTSIDE and run inside to the restroom. Everyone would stare as well as the teachers. STill as funny as it was back then.

  14. I would love to win a Lifeproof case! would keep me from being worried about people/kids dropping it in the pool again…

  15. When my niece was around 3 years old, we were driving by a fuel refinery. I told her “that’s where they make gas,” (she had asked what the smokestacks were). She responds, “like from our butts?!”

  16. The other day as I was holding my 14-month old daughter Annika, she began to playfully slap me in the face. I said to her “No! We don’t hit in this house.” Just then, my (almost) three year old daughter chimed in and said “Yeah Annika! Go outside and hit her!!” I started to laugh uncontrollably. These two really have me in need of a LifeProof. 🙂

  17. I asked my 5 year old daughter about her field trip to Cici’s Pizza. She said, “They had salt that smelled like vomit!” (Parmesan cheese) lol

  18. My little boy likes to try to put everything in his mouth, including the mirror on his activity mat… So it looks like he’s trying to kiss his reflection!

  19. My one year old waves to everyone, multiple times in one meeting. Yesterday she waved emphatically the whole time we were checking at out the grocery store. It took a lot longer to check out since the cashier stopped every few minutes to wave back.

  20. I have these kids that I watch and one day the 7 year old comes up to me and says “How do you spell burger you know like the food not the ones i pick out of my nose and eat” i couldnt help but laugh

  21. Just the other day me and my wife where talking about a movie where the parent tells the child “ear muffs” and the child covers their ears so the parent can use not so appropriate language. As I was demonstrating covering my ears I noticed my two year old daughter Claire copying me. So of course I used this as a time to test and see if it really works(her having her ears covered) and if course the first two word out of my mouth are bull sh$!. And seconds later we here little voice say, “bull sh$!.” It was definitely caught us off guard and we couldn’t help to chuckle. So if any of you parents our there are curious if “ear muffs” works or not. It does not!

  22. I was brushing my teeth one night and my 2 year old looked up at me and said “What the hell do you think your doing?” Now I don’t cuss around my kids. That was heard from his papaw. But it took everything in my not to bust out laughing.

  23. It makes for an intereseting moment when your little girl says …
    Grayce – “Im serious, I need to go to the dr.”
    Me- “Whats the matter?”
    Grayce – “You just have to come with me, you are never going to guess what just happened in the bathroom!” (She takes my hand … I can only imagine what I am fixing to see. Then she points to the toilet)
    Grayce – “See! I pooped out a frog!” (Floating beside her poop was a dead frog I tossed in the toilet, I found at the bottom of the bathroom closet when I was sweeping. But, with that being said, I had to roll with it:)
    Me – “Oh my gosh what are we going to do! I bet you have baby tadpoles swimming in your belly!”
    Grayce – (Looks a little scared, lifts up her shirt and pokes at her belly button.) “So, can you take me to the dr. now?”

    Hahahah of course I told her to truth, but it was funny!

  24. When my son was 3 I asked how his feet grew so fast and he said he made a hole and put in a seed and water them all the time! LOL

  25. I’ve been really excited for this case to come out, I’m tired of hearing the ker plunk of my phone in water. I’ve tried everything and I’m ready to quit wasting my hard earned money, and go with a company whose got it all figured out, how to make phones life proof. Please pick me!

  26. the son of my neighbor is so funny, he knows all the brand of the car and calls everyone of the neighbors by the car that they drive

  27. i know a little kid that watched E.T. then rode in circles on his trike for an hour waiting to take off to the moon

  28. My 5 year old grandson, who I babysit, is about to start Kindergarten and is a little apprehensive because none of his preschool friends are going to the same school. His mom has been talking about the school, what it’s like, what the teacher is like, etc., and told him that parents have to help on campus a few hours each week so mommy or daddy will be there sometimes. He asked what children who only have a mom or dad do. Mom said grandparents, aunts and uncles can also help out to which he promptly replied “oh good grandma can come to school with me every day” Problem solved!

  29. My 3 year old daughter looked at my belly after I’d eaten a big meal and said, “helloooo, is anybody in there?” I guess she thought I was pregnant again.

  30. My kiddos are all teenagers now, but I am still able to drop my own phone in the toilet, step on it, drop it in the pool, and forget it is in my own pocket and wash it. Sure glad there were no Iphones when I had 2 year olds… And on my third lifeproof IPhone protection today. Thanks!!!

  31. This is what two of my little cousins like to do:

    A 5 year old boy and his 4 year old brother are singing along to LMFAO’s “I’m sexy and I know it” song.
    5-year old: “I’m sixty and I know it!”
    4-year old: “I’m ninety and I know it!”
    5-year old: “No, stop it! You are saying it wrong!”

  32. When I was a baby I stuck a pebble in my ear and told my parents I had a pebble in ear and when they took me to the doctor they didn’t believe them!

  33. My friend’s little girl was watching as I changed my son’s diaper one day. She said, “Nathan has the same bum as Owie (her baby brother, Owen). But Daddy’s is different.”

  34. My 4 year old cousin was on the way to visit my grandmother in the hospital and asked “Is this gonna be the one that kills her?” … did not expect him to ask that!

  35. My daughter filled our washing machine with potatoes….I am dreading the day she fills the toilet with my phone :s!

  36. I told my so that bath water travels through tunnels then to the ocean. Then we saw a shark documentary on tv one day and continues to ask whether there are sharks in the bathtub drain. Not the most hilarious thing but the most recent that I can remember…;)

  37. Having one for my iphone 5 would be great for me! Since having 2 kids who loves to just grab my phone and use anyway they want is just a headache and constant battle.. I could really use one but having to purchase one is a bit hard since im a stay at home mom who is on a strict budget.. Really hoping to win one for my Iphone 5

  38. Mine is still a baby, but she does laugh at the greatest moments. Someone makes a joke and she cracks up – having no idea what we said.

  39. My son (2 1/2) who my husband has worked diligently to share a love for rock music with, was listening to the radio with me and started singing my country songs! My husband was so shocked! I win!

  40. My 3 year old son puts stuffed play balls in his shirt, a burp cloth on his head and says he is the “mommy” to his babies.

  41. My little man isn’t talking much yet, but he does know a few body parts…. At Target he reached over to a random woman and touched her breast while loudly exclaiming ‘BOOB’!!! Lol 🙂

  42. When she was first starting to crawl & pull up on furniture, she didn’t know how to get back down on the ground again. she’d pull up & cry when she got tired–like the opposite of the “help I’ve fallen & can’t get up” commercials

  43. I love my LifeProof case(s). I bought one initially for my 4S when they initially hit the market. I was very impressed when I dropped it a couple of times in snow. When I upgraded to the iPhone 5, I made sure I didn’t until LifeProof had started selling the Frē. I won’t upgrade again without knowing I can LifeProof that phone either. Thanks LifeProof!

  44. Oh my goodness, I am a kindergarten teacher, so I have heard so many funny things from the kids! One recent one was “You know, sometimes going poop is a difficult thing to do. But, I guess you just have to do it.” lol!

  45. My son “Mommy I am very frustrated you took your phone away from me. When I am frustrated I cry. When I cry I have tears and all my boogers come out.” A few sniffles later “I need a tissue to wipe all my boogers that came out because I was having a fit”

  46. The funniest thing my daughter did was when she took her own diaper and clothes off for the first time and we didn’t know until she came up to us (dad and me[mom]) fully naked and then she ran away giggling!

  47. My son told a lady on the Disneyland tram, “Excuse Me! You can not eat or drink on here. The tram just told us this and you are drinking. That is not allowed and Mickey will arrest you.”

  48. I would love this all because my daughter loves to chew and throw my phone. I have an iPhone 5 and she loves to play on it so this case would be wonderful!

  49. Recently, my 4 year old and I we were reading an Olivia book and it said that the baby was not happy with his Christmas gift of “Booties”. It took me a few minutes to figure out why my son was laughing hysterically. I realized we have now come to the age where “potty words” are hilarious. Awesome!

  50. My baby girl doesn’t say much yet, but she does sit on her little potty (with her clothes on) pretending to go potty like mommy…then she reaches for some toilet paper and wipes…her belly. 🙂

  51. My 18M son always wakes up pants less from his nap. He likes to take of his pants and throw then out of his crib when he naps…

  52. Just the other day my 2 yo asked if she could do something and I said no. Her response was “Don’t make me sad Mommy”.

  53. The funniest thing my child said was just recently we were watching a commercial for the TV show Happy Days and he said “mommy the people in the 60’s were always happy”.

  54. Oooh! Have been meaning to get one of these! My iPhone 4 took a swim in the toilet (courtesy of my toddler) and now have iPhone 5 and would hate for the something to happen to it! Lol

  55. My little man is only 9months so he hasn’t gotten into that much stuff yet…. but the other day he grab his cheesy puff snacks and open the container and decided to dump the whole entire contents onto the living room carpet, encluding all the cheesy dust!

  56. Everyone with small children need this. My grand children who love with me are hard on a cell phone. This would be a phone saver for sure!

  57. Baby brother said (when he was a kid; he’s grown now)… “you’re taking forever… mom and I have been waiting for millions of years…” after about only five minutes

  58. Some day in June, a million years ago…I was driving w/my now 15yo who was complaining that her bottle of water tasted funny. I asked if it was new and she said yes, I told her I didn’t know why it tasted wierd and that she didn’t have to drink it. About a half hour later she EXCLAIMS from the back seat…THAT’S why it tastes funny!!! It says ‘Spring water’…but it’s summer!!! Gotta love their logic.

  59. I took my son shopping for sandals. He hated every pair I tried on him. The last pair I tried was a pair of Lightning McQueen light-up sandals. He loved them instantly! He was stomping through the store! When we went to pay for them, the lady had to cut the tags off so he could wear them out of the store. He wore them for his nap that day too!

  60. Ohhh this would be wonderful! My son loves to play with my iPhone but he often get frustrated and throws it! My poor phone is bound to shatter one day! 🙁

  61. My 3yr old daughter makes me laugh all the time from memorizing and singing commercials to calling Sofia the First “SOFIA THE HURST”! but I remember after the first time she watched cinderella I called out her name because she was mysteriously quiet and she comes out of her room and reply’s ” Yes Stepmother” I couldn’t help but laugh. She decided that everytime she’s in trouble Im her stepmother (which im not) but lets just say She no longer watches that movie…lol

  62. We were at my BIL’s wedding and when the priest gets to the part asking if there’s anyone who thinks they shouldn’t get married, my 2 yr old screams “Noooo! Nuncle make poopy!”

  63. I really really could use this one! I’m always afraid something will happen to my phone, and won’t turn on my washer until I have eyes on it, always scared that I or some other family member accedently left it in the laundry basket somehow!

  64. My son is just learning to talk, so everything he does is hilarious! A number of his words all sounds like “ass” so that’s always entertaining…

  65. I first grader I know asked another first grader named Simon if he was named after the game Simon Says. He said no but when he plays Simon says he’s always the leader.

  66. My two little nephews really like playing on a trampoline but their parents do not want to get one, so the little guys came over to me one day and tried to convince me how much do I need a trampoline of my own so that they could use it when they came over.

  67. need an iphone case with a toddler. my phone as already seen the inside of a toilet. flown off the car and been sprayed with the water hose 😉

  68. I have a toddler daughter and she is always up to something! My favorite funny moment with her was one evening my husband made us breakfast for dinner of eggs, muffins and fruit. She kept calling the muffins ” nuffins.” She was eating away and then she said ” uh oh ” as half her bite fell to the ground. My husband asked her what she dropped and with a big cheesy smirk she responded ” nuffin” 🙂

  69. Well, my brother took my Galaxy S 3 and put it on his pocket. We were riding our bikes while it was raining. The phone ended up falling out of his pocket into the hard wet concrete floor. I got lucky, nothing happened to it and I got lucky!

  70. My daughter is recently potty trained. She thinks there is some sort of actual “train” involved and when she has to go potty she will say she has to go on her “potty train.”

  71. My daughter (23 Months old) just an hour a go while eating dinner said “Mom… I want, peasss!” she was asking for some of my chicken wings and then i gave her one and she goes “yum! Tanchoo mommy!” (Thank you mommy!) just before that she was going down the slide and everytime after she would slide down she would “phew, that close! (that was close!) “Ouch mommy!” and she would pinch her knees and rub them until i would go say are you ok?” which she would reply everytime “i’m ok” and go again. hahaha

  72. One time my three year old daughter sneezed and my son said bless you and are you ok? My daughter replied back with “Yes, I’m just allergic to you…..”

  73. Ever since school got out, our just turned 2 yo George has a new joke. He’ll say “Where’s Joey?” (our 11 yr old?) I don’t know, where do you think he is? “on the bus” (giggling the entire time)

  74. When my 14 year old daughter was around 3 she used to get up in the middle of the night and eat things. I had to put child locks on the side by side fridge to keep her out of it and she would find scissors to cut it open so she could eat popsicles and tortillas in her bed at midnight. I would wake up to find the child lock cut off the fridge and then go to her bed and find popsicle sticks and tortilla packages in her bed.

  75. would love this my iphone (or should I say my kids iphone) is always in there hands sending texts to daddy via siri.

  76. We woke up in the middle of the night after hearing noises in our kitchen. Went downstairs and our 2 year old was sitting on the counter with a pile of flour and random spices dumped out in front of him. He looked at us, smiled and said ,”I’m making pizza!”

  77. My 3 year old daughter Emmalie said the most hilarious thing the other day. She was upset and crying (because she didn’t get her way) and her daddy told her to stop crying. And she looked at him and shouted “I’m not CRYING! I’m FREAKING!” I thought that was hilarious. It was so priceless I wish I had had my video camera handy to capture it.

  78. My 4 yr old has been obsessed with where babies come from lately. Well other day she was staring at Daddy and finally says ” how come daddy’s can’t have babies, they’re tummies are big enough”

  79. I have been trying to save for this phone case. Im a stay at home mom whose got kids that doesnt know the price to replace a phone! Since i have to stick with a budget, replacing a phone would be really hard! I have been asking people who actually own the product and have gotten very good reviews on it and would really love one for my iphone 5! It would be a win win for the company and i since i have been telling my family and friends about the product and would love to see someone who actually own a case and test it before they actually invest on the product! So, im hoping to win to show my people that this product actually work!! 🙂

  80. I am a mother of 3 and very much on a budget!! Heard so much good things about the lifeproof products and would love to try a case for my iphone5!! Hoping to win and advertise the case to my fellow case lovers who still question the product! I so wanna prove them wrong 🙂 so, please help me win! It will be a win win for the company and for me!!

  81. On our first family vacation with cousins, some genius showed the kids the “pull my finger” joke. FOUR kids from age 2 to 5 played pull my finger for the next hour, each one making their own sound effects in different ways. Did I mention that 3 out of the 4 kids are sweet, delicate, little blonde girls?

  82. My oldest boy turned three yesterday. We explained his little brother was 2 months and he was three years. He exclaimed, NO, I have two Ears!

  83. My friend’s little boy, whom I babysit says funny things all the time! His latest was telling me that he was born at Disneyland!

  84. My daughter, Tilda, is our crack-up around here. I caught her making a MASSIVE mess in the kitchen one day when she was two or three. I said “WHY are you making such a big mess?!” She said, “I NOT makin a big mess! I just makin lots of little messes…”

    She also embarrassed me by loudly asking at Target, as we were passing the lingerie section, “Hey, Mama, you need some new boobs?!” Niiiiice.

  85. My 16 month old son chases my mom’s dog into the kitchen, then plays “Peek-a-boo” with her around the doorway, not realizing the dog isn’t aware that they are playing 🙂

  86. A little one our church preschool class didn’t want to nap so she said “I can’t go to sleep because I’m thinking about Jesus dying on the cross and it’s so sad.”
    She’s just too precious!

  87. My kids age (almost) 2 and 3 unlocked both locks on the garage door proceeded to the freezer pulled down the ice cream and sat down. They proceeded to eat the ice cream with their hands. When I walked up to find out what they were doing….it was too quiet, my eldest said “ice cream” and showed me her hand full of vanilla! I burst out laughing and blamed their Grandpa for their ice cream obsession!

  88. funniest Oliver moment…so many to choose! most recent would be him slipping and falling INTO the toilet. messy, but hilarious!

  89. While at a toy store my 3 yr old son walked up to me with a tiara on upside down AND backwards and says “look mama, it’s my pwincess” he’s so cute!!

  90. I was in love with the iPhone 5 nuud lifeproof case as soon as I saw it, I use my phone for everything and this case would be perfect!

  91. LifeProof nuud case would be great to win. I know people who have this case and they love it. I would really like to win one of these cases for myself as i think the technology is 2nd to none.

  92. When my daughter was 4 she told me I had “junk in the trunk” I was like, “Awwww, so cute! Do you know what that means?!” and she said, “YOU HAVE A BIG BUM!” LOL Gee thanks kid!

  93. I was driving my son (then 3 years old) to preschool. The car was silent until he said “Mommy, why do you have a stick in your butt?”
    Considering that he spent the majority of the day before with my very vocal oldest sister, I explained to him what that expression means and why we don’t say that.
    After me rambling on about it for 10 minutes he finally says “Ok Mommy, I won’t say it anymore”…..”but when you got out of the shower, why did you put a big white stick up your butt??”……..
    It was a silent ride the rest of the way to preschool….

  94. She was acting crazy so we laughed at told her she was crazy. her repsonse was “I know I am crazy but I am cute so it is ok ” lol

  95. I don’t care what type of music comes on TV (could be elevator music during movie credits) and he will run from wherever he is in the house to the TV and bust a move! 🙂

  96. Just last week my boys were pretend playing and my oldest says “my girlfriends name is Ava” my other son says “nu hu! So is mine, that’s my girlfriend” lol they’re already fighting over imaginary girls I can foresee my troubles in the future 😉

  97. While walking through the intimates section at Sears when my daughter was 2, she pointed at a bra & yelled “mommies boobies!” It wasn’t a calm day at the store either, it was Christmas shopping season, & she gained a lot of attention while saying it over and over again. We still laugh about it.

  98. My 18month old son started flipping through an animal book and when he gets to the monkey page he screams and jumps up and down saying “mama!mama!mama!”

  99. My 4 year old recently said to her friend while playing in the pool, “Did you hear my pig noise?” She was completely serious and very excited by her achievement.

  100. My husband and I totally need these! We currently live on the edge when it comes to our phones having them protected would be awesome!

  101. My son has been missing a friend over the summer. He told me the other day that sometimes he can still “dream” of what Noah looks like. Hopefully, we can see each other soon! 🙂

  102. I finally just decided I will be buying a Samsung Galaxy S3 for my next phone since my current smartphone just died! This is perfect. 🙂

  103. I was singing “hush little baby” to my 2 year old son and he said “but I don’t want a diamond ring, I want a green tractor!”

  104. Annika: You know what pwincess I like?
    Me: Which one?
    Annika: Coco-hantas
    Me: Do you mean “Pocahantas”?
    Annika: No, “COCOHANTAS”!
    Me: Her name is Pocahantas.
    Annika: Den who’s Cocohantas?
    Me: I don’t know.
    Annika: I don’t like pwincesses, den. I like ninjas!
    Me: O_O

  105. My child cannot talk yet, but I told this cute little girl in the swimming pool I liked her shark fin floaty she was wearing. She said, “thanks, but I’m not a real shark, I just look like one!” So cute.

  106. There’s always something hilarious. But lately she keeps asking if she can call her father “daddy Steve” bc his name is Stephen.

  107. Speaking of phones, my middle child (2 years old) found my phone and called his daddy (who was sitting on the couch) then proceeded to sweetly ask him if he and daddy could go upstairs. My husband said “So you called to see if you could go upstairs?” My son said “yes” then said “Love you!” and hung up. lol 🙂 Kids are cute.

  108. I’m a preschool teacher and when we got to the letter F I had a little girl jump up from the carpet and start jumping around yelling “I know I know” when I asked her what the letter was she called out with confidence… “FACEBOOK”!

  109. While my friend and I were getting some mtn spring water at this mountain, this little girl came up to my friend and asked if he was a boy or girl. It was close to sunset and he had a shaved head, but no way to get confused. He dad said lets go and apologized.

  110. I have a little comedian he is always cracking us up. Just tonight we had people over and he was telling them, “Horse poop is expensive.” I have no idea where he came up with that.

  111. Love the new design of the LifeProof nuud. My friends have the older version of the LifeProof for the iPhone 5 and swear by it!

  112. My son will come to me and say “Mama pow-pow” while pretending to smack his hand every time he’s made a mess in his playroom. I love how he tells on himself!

  113. Was telling my 2 year old “hold on son” and my 5 year old said “he is not your son” she thought I meant sun.

  114. My 10 month old daughter spent almost 10 min talking to, playing with and kissing her reflection in the mirror all the while thinking it was another little girl who liked to do all if the above. Haha

  115. Me: What are you doing out of bed, Ian?
    Ian: Wait. Wait… I just need to check something. Ok. My drums are still there. Goodnight.

  116. Went to the annual fair and they had one of those Air Dancer wavy man things, and my 3 year old son said “Look mommy, a Dancing Fart.” I had a good laugh, not sure why he called it that.

  117. In line at Wal-Mart the other day with my 3 boys and my 6 year old thought it would be hilarious if he stood behind me and lifted my skirt for the man in line behind us! OMG!!! Can you say embarrASSing!!!! And of course that was the one day that I decided I didn’t like the way the skirt looked with panty lines! My kids, the cashier, and the man behind us laughed until we were done checking out! Pretty mortifying at the tine but I have to laugh about it now! At least the man who got to see the goods liked what he saw or so he said as we were leaving!

  118. My one year old likes to try and fit I to small places, one time when I stepped out of the room for a couple seconds I came back and couldn’t find her I then heard her laughing and then found her in the small basket in the bottom of her stroller she’s so funny!

  119. My little man steals my water bottles and chugs them. He inevitably spills water everywhere, including my phone- and makes slurping noises and says “oops!” and giggles. I need to be lifeproofed!!!!!

  120. My 2yo likes to climb the cat tree and lay on the second step and pretend she’s flying. As she does this she says “I soooper cat!”


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