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LIfeProof Giveaway

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If you’ve  been with us a while, you’d know that the two gadgets that are with me more than my kids are kid proof, water proof, dirt proof, shock proof and basically life proofed. That’s right! My iPhone and iPad are decked out in LifeProof cases that protect them from whatever my kids do to them. Drop the iPhone in the pool? No problem. “Accidentally” drop the iPad down the stairs? No biggie. Shake the iPad when Minecraft doesn’t exactly go your way? Well, clearly you need to step away from the game but the iPad is A-Okay!

LifeProof cases protect your iPhones, iPads and now your Samsung Galaxy SIII from water, dirt, snow and a drop. Basically everything a toddler can manage to do to a device in 30 seconds flat. If you’d like to check out our original LifeProof iPhone case review and iPad nuud case review, you can here:

LifeProof iPhone Case Review

LifeProof iPad nuud Review

While those cases are awesome – it’s so last year’s news (except for the Samsung one, of course!)! Let’s talk about what is new!

LifeProof just announced a totally new design for waterproof, drop proof, dirt proof and snow proof cases for the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy SIII. LifeProof nüüd cases leave the screen completely naked, yet are still waterproof. They are the only waterproof and drop proof cases that let you touch the actual screen.


In celebration of this new design, LifeProof put together the cutest video that is right up our baby alley! 🙂 Make sure you watch it below! (Hint: It might be a question for the giveaway!)


Now that you’ve all decided that you MUST have one of those kid-proof cases after watching the video, let’s talk about a giveaway!

That’s right, one lucky winner will receive their choice of either the LifeProof nüüd case for iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy SIII! Woot! Woot!

Baby Gizmo Giveaway

What’s up for grabs:

One (1) nüüd case for iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy SIII (winner’s choice!)

How to Enter:

Rafflecopter is back for this one! Do as many of the entry methods that strike your fancy!

A blog comment is the only mandatory entry! Baby Gizmo friends don’t just stick with “mandatory” though, right? We are overachievers! So, there are additional (optional) entries you can get.  But let us warn you – make sure you actually do the entries! If you click on “leave a blog comment” on the Rafflecopter widget – make sure you actually leave a blog comment. We check! If you don’t do the actual entry – it doesn’t count! You won’t win. We’ll both be sad.

* Giveaway STARTS now and ends at 11:59pm EST Sunday, July 28, 2013. This one is open to our friends WORLDWIDE!!!  Yep, even our Aussie friends. And our Canadian friends. You live in New Zealand? You’re in too! You get the picture. 🙂

Entry form should be below. If it doesn’t load right away – just wait longer. *In my best Jim Carrey voice from Pet Detective.* ;)

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