Lillebaby COMPLETE Carrier Review (+Giveaway)

Lillebaby COMPLETE Carrier Review (+Giveaway)


Congratulations to the winner –

entry #925 – Karen M

Lillebaby was founded in 2001 on a solid Scandinavian foundation – the idea that functional and beautiful everyday items should be available to everyone. After years of research and development with a team of moms, dads, designers, a chiropractor, a rock climber, pediatricians, fashion consultants, and safety experts, the Lillebaby COMPLETE Baby Carrier was born. Why named COMPLETE? Because “COMPLETE was originally the project name as we were making the next generation of baby carriers. Our mission was to design a baby carrier that was complete in every way; complete in comfort, functionality, safety and style. The final question was “is it complete”? The answer is the reason it got its name.”

This carrier has combined several features of long-loved carrier brands such as the Ergo and Beco to make one versatile item. With a weight capacity range of 7 lbs to 45 lb and a weight of only 1.34 lbs, this can easily be the only carrier you ever need.

Out of the box, this carrier has three pieces. There is the actual carrier, a removable sleeping hood, and a removable lumbar support piece. As with any carrier, before using it you should read the manual to make sure you understand what all the parts are for. I was able to figure out most of the COMPLETE without reading the manual, but it is always better to be safe!

The removable lumbar support is a great feature. I have never had back issues, but I know plenty of moms that do and any additional support you can get while hauling a baby around has to help! The back piece adds stability and also keeps the waist belt from riding up and digging into your waist (the nice way of me saying that it didn’t jab my love handles as much.) I used it about half of the time I used the carrier and it did make me feel more stable. However, I am really short-waisted and didn’t find the additional stability outweighed the added bulk for short trips. If I was wearing the carrier for a long time, like a trip to the zoo for example, I would use the lumbar support.  For my regular life of running from car to store back to car to park for a bit back to car, the lumbar support wasn’t working for me. Overall, this feature gets a thumbs up just because it even exists and comes with the carrier.


The detachable hood feature is genius. I spent many an hour walking around in the Ergo with the hood up while my son slept. The fact that the COMPLETE found a way to incorporate a hood in their design is such a beneficial feature, especially for young babies. It holds their head up while they are sleeping and keeps them protected from sun. Also, removable means easily washable. I may or may not have dropped a lot of ice cream on the hood of my Ergo over the years and always found it annoying that I had to wash the whole carrier to get just the hood cleaned. Again, thumbs up for this feature.

Once you get past the removable pieces, how does the actual carrier stack up?


The organic COMPLETE exterior is made from soft brushed organic cotton. The inside is lined with organic sateen cotton. When I first touched it the softness of the material, exterior and lining, stood out. It felt so much more snuggly and luxurious than any other carriers I have used. While most carriers that have straps and buckles go with hearty cotton twill that is a little rough to the touch, the COMPLETE has managed to combine that strength with a blanket like softness. We are talking rub-on-your-cheek-soft here, people. I haven’t had the carrier for years, so I can’t say how it holds up over a long time, but it feels sturdy.

The buckles are plastic and are a little stiff when you start using the carrier, but that is pretty standard in my experience. Better too stiff than too weak in my opinion. The construction seems quality as I found no loose threads or other such flaws.

Seat Adjustment

The seat area of the carrier adjusts to a narrow or wide position to allow for proper hip positioning depending on the age of the child.  Adjusting it is easy – all you have to do is slide the waist belt in or out of a couple of fabric loops. If you choose the narrow option the extra fabric of the seat area snaps together inside the seat pocket.

I thought that having the snaps in the seat area might be uncomfortable for my child, but he never seemed bothered by it.  Maybe it is because he is a in a diaper that provides some extra padding? Whatever the reason, after the first long day of wearing him with the snaps fastened my concern disappeared.

Infant Use

The COMPLETE has a several features that are useful with small infants.  The weight minimum for this carrier is 7 lbs, so you really can use it from the newborn stage in most cases. The first infant feature is that there is no additional insert needed. The inside of the carrier pocket has a strap with a buckle that you can fasten around a baby’s waist to secure them into the carrier. The strap is required for babies under 11 lbs, and is suggested for older babies just for added security.  For the record, I just removed the strap entirely and left it at home when using it with my one year old.

The next infant feature is the adjustable neck support.  This is a padded flap that pops up to support a small baby’s head when they are facing in. It allows babies who are young and awake to have head support while still letting them look around. No more mom holding the baby’s head with one hand!


The COMPLETE is billed as having a fetal hold option. This sounds fancy, but really it is just what moms have been doing with infants for years: rolling up a blanket and putting in under a newborn’s bottom, making a seat so you can hold them on your chest in the fetal position. I’m glad that they embrace this, but don’t think there is anything super special about it.

Regular Use

The COMPLETE lets you carry your older baby facing in, facing out, on your hip, or on your back. If you have used a Bjorn or Cybex or Beco, you are familiar with all these positions and how they work.  I found this carrier very easy to use, even while holding a wiggly infant. Because the leg openings are formed when you put the arm straps on, there is no cumbersome trying to shove baby legs into a pre-made hole.

Comfort Features

All of the webbing straps on the COMPLETE have some additional padding.  The chest strap has a padded oval that goes between you and the buckle. This provides extra comfort and makes it easier to connect the strap when you are wearing your child on the front of you. Also, the side straps have a bit of padding along the webbing, adding comfort and preventing the webbing from digging into your sides.  The shoulder straps are padded, obviously, and I found them comfortable. I can easily go for two hours wearing my child in this carrier without any discomfort.



The straps of the COMPLETE can be crossed in the back when you are carrying the baby on the front of you.  This is nice if you have trouble reaching the back connector strap or if you are petite and want a snug fit. I know a lot of people prefer the Beco because of the cross strap option, so it was a wise decision for Lillebaby to add this feature.  I have bendy arms and am not petite so I prefer to use the straps backpack style, but again, the COMPLETE gets a thumbs up for providing this option.

Additional Add On Items

There are a few nice accessories you can buy for this carrier that I think are pretty cool.

Stirrups: For $13.50 you can buy stirrups that attach to the hip belt and allow your child to have a place to rest their feet when they are riding in the back position. These not only provide comfort for your child, but they keep you comfortable by balancing their weight between your hips more evenly.  And maybe keep them from kicking you quite so often.  Maybe.

Slip Covers: For $25 you can purchase a pink or blue 100% organic jersey knit slipcover. This allows you to change the look of your carrier by slipping it over the straps and waistband. It also provides a protective layer between the carrier and a super drooly or messy baby.

Teething Pads: 100% organic terry cloth teething pads attach to the straps and give teething babies a place to chew while protecting the straps.


I wish this carrier existed three years ago when I had my first child. I feel like I had to buy 3 different carriers to get all the features Lillebaby put into one. I have actually sold my Ergo and Cybex since getting this carrier and the only feature I am missing is a pocket for my keys. The organic COMPLETE costs $135, so the same price as an organic Ergo. It isn’t cheap by any means, but is comparable. This carrier is really well designed , executed, and is…COMPLETE!


Baby Gizmo Giveaway

We are so excited about the new Lillebaby COMPLETE Carrier that we are giving one away! Woot! Woot!


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*Disclosure: Lillebaby provided us with a COMPLETE carrier to review.  Of course, our opinions, statements and reviews are completely our own.


  1. 473245 3557Some genuinely good and valuable information on this site , besides I feel the style contains great capabilities. 379644

  2. I like the comfort of this carrier for both the wearer and the baby. My old carrier didn’t have a lot of support for my son, so I didn’t use it a whole lot. This carrier looks like it would be great for the next baby!

  3. I had the lillebaby sport carrier before (the old model) which I loved, but I found the hip strap to be not very supportive with long rides. with this newer model an more padded strap will be the perfect addition to the already was very good carrier. Me and My baby are eager to win this 🙂

  4. Love the lumbar support! By far my biggest issue with other carriers has been the lack of back support. Thanks for the chance!

  5. Expecting our first this year and have done a ton of research on carriers. This one is top of the list! Would love to get my hands on one…

  6. So many awesome things about this carrier! Love that the high weight limit, the smaller newborn features, the different carries (including the front carry). It seems like it is the all in one carrier, no need for multiple carriers for different stages and activities!

  7. My favorite feature is that it has a maximum weight of 45 lbs. I wish I would have paid more attention to the weight limits of my other carriers, I too had to buy more than one.

  8. I love that you can use it in so many positions. Now that my baby is getting older/bigger I would love a carrier that I could use on my back!

  9. We’ve got 3 1/2 old twins, and one (or two) of these would be incredible to give my wife and me more mobility while shopping, going to farmers markets, our just out and about!!

  10. I like the fact that the COMPLETE carrier allows you to carry baby “facing in, facing out, on your hip, or on your back”.

  11. Love this! I’ve been searching for a carrier that can be used for infants and provides the option to have the child ride front facing in/out, and on your back! hooray!

  12. Just had baby #6 and have never owned a carrier. I know this would be a lifesaver with 1 toddler and 4 older kids in tow! This one looks really comfortable!

  13. My goodness! I would love this carrier. I have a hard time with the rough fabric on other carriers especially if they rub a little bit!

  14. As a doula, I love that the carrier can be used right from the start! I am looking forward to sharing this carrier with new moms.

  15. I love the fetal hold option and that it adjusts to fit newborn without an insert. I had an ergo and I hated the infant insert, it never seemed to fit right.

  16. Who wouldn’t love a carrier that will fit newborns and big kids!? I love that the head support will adjust so you don’t have to hold newborn’s head with one hand!

  17. I like the weight range that you can use this for your baby. But, I hope I am not carring around a 45 big baby. : )but atleast I would have that option

  18. I love sleeping hoods, so that’s a must. What I really am interested in, though, is that there is padding on on all of the buckles. That’s a great idea!

  19. Favorite feature has to be the lumbar support. I have a bad back and have been searching high and low for a carrier that has the necessary support. This would help so much. Thanks for the opportunity.

  20. Love the hood. I have newborn and a two year old, so we spend a lot of time at the park and the nb spends a lot of time in the Bjorn..which doesnt have a hood..and we live in Las Vegas!

  21. So it’s only 1.34 lbs? Truly lightweight! My husband and I both were 9lb plus babies, so when our son is born in September, I’m going to need all the advantages I can get. He’s going to be a big baby!

  22. I love eco friend material and i loce the fact that i can use this carrier from infant. And it looks so comfortable to use. I REALLY try out thia carrier.

  23. For $13.50 you can buy stirrups that attach to the hip belt and allow your child to have a place to rest their feet when they are riding in the back position.

    I think this is very important and I love that this is a featured option

  24. Love the idea of the lumbar support. Especially when I’m hauling my two year old around instead of my 4 month old. 🙂

  25. Love how versatile the carrier seems. Although it is a lot of money up-front, it seems like it really does the job of multiple carriers on the market — so maybe in the long run would be a cost saver.

  26. This carrier sounds amazing! I love that you don’t need an insert for infants. With my last baby I wore him some in my ergo with infant insert. And it was ok, but I am only 5’1″ and it was a bit bulky. For my next baby I was thinking I would go back to the moby for infant wear, but I sure would love to try this instead!

  27. I love everything about this carrier but especially how it seems to distribute the weight more evenly than my current carrier!

  28. The “COMPLETE” baby carrier sounds Great! I have two boys and have tried four different carriers. I still haven’t found one that has all the needed features. The “COMPLETE” sounds like what all parents have been looking for.

  29. The fact that it is made of cotton and has great cushion on the traps is a plus for me. It’ll keep my shoulders from hurting while toting the baby.

  30. I love that it has lumbar support and a hood- plus I like that you can put the baby in different positions (options are always great!!!)

  31. I am really excited to try this carrier with my 7 week old. With so many options on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed but this carrier looks as though it suits every need!!

  32. I am one of those moms who had back issues with babywearing…particularly after my son got a bit bigger (perhaps because I’m very small myself), so I love that it seems comfortable and has the removeable lumbar support if needed!!

  33. I also wish I knew about this carrier before buying others. It comes with standard features I had to purchase as add ons with other carriers I own. Plus, it looks more comfortable for both parent and child.

  34. My favorite feature of this amazing carrier is the extra comfort padding… my carrier now is soooo uncomfortable for me but my daughter loves it so I troop on 🙂

  35. This new carrier almost sounds too good to be true! I have gone through so many different carriers just trying to find the one that will fit our family and I think I may have finally found one…the Lillebaby Complete!

  36. I had an upscale gear store until I hurt my back four years ago. I had early lillebaby product and everyone loved it! I plan to get this one for my daughter who is pregnant with my first grandchild. Can’t wait! 🙂

  37. The best part of this carrier is that my husbend will actually wear it. He doesn’t like the look of alot of carriers and he said this on looks like its gender friendly so he wouldn’t mind wearing it. I ‘m excited, it looks like it h as alot of back support which our carrier now doesn’t have.

  38. Wow…this carrier sounds amazing! I actually have an ergo and have been using it with my 3 month old now for about a month. This comparison sounds so much like what I have been experiencing and would love the chance to win is awesome carrier! Thank you for this opportunity!

  39. I am already in love with the description of this carrier! Love the additional padding, extra removable lumbar support and sun guard. I would be ecstatic if I won bc I’m due in 3 weeks!

  40. This is a great carrier with versatility. I love the research on the benefits of forward facing babies. Great website with a TON of awesome info!

  41. Love the forward facing and the foot stirrups! My baby is getting heavy so i think the lumbar support is fantastic idea. hope to try it!

  42. I love that this one single carrier has all the features of several others put into one and weighs so little! Perfect 🙂

  43. I love that the Lillebaby Complete can go from infant to toddler without an insert and that the straps can be crossed in a front carry.

  44. I love that it starts at 7 lbs- so can be used as soon as baby gets here. My carrier can’t be used until 15 lbs.

  45. I really like that the straps can cross around the back! I couldn’t tell you how many times I have caught myself wishing my Boba carrier did that.

  46. So great that it can be worn on the chest or back and still have the forward-facing option on the chest-wearer. Wonderful that it can be used from the beginning!! Seems like a much better alternative to Ergo or Baby Bjorn.

  47. I love that there’s a facing out option….that’s one thing my current carrier lacks a something my little would really enjoy!

  48. Love that it doesnt need an additional infant insert like many carriers do. Or they are just good for infancy or toddler age. This is good throughout without having to make costly additional purchases. LOVE!

  49. I love everything about this…all-in-one…
    Much better than having to use different carriers for different needs. Would love to have this for baby #3.

  50. This carrier sounds amazing! I loved my Bjorn but it was killer on my back. I love my Boba but no front or side facing. Hopefully this is the bet of all worlds (and works for tall people)!

  51. I absolutely love using baby carriers! Love how adjustable it is so it will work for the 2 year old or the 6 month old!

  52. It looks and sounds so amazing. Trying to find a carrier for my 3 week old little girl that I like. I had a cheap one for my son and we ended up hardly ever using it. Love that it’s comfy for mom and that it is useable all the way up to 45lbs. I have a 38lbs three year old that still likes to be carried and sometimes it’s just a nightmare trying to carry him and the baby carrier, with this I could throw him or the baby in the stroller and “wear” the other when their daddy’s not around to help me out

  53. OMG I need this. I love that you can use it from birth!
    We’re expecting baby #2 in July, and will definitely need this carrier to help me deal with a newborn and a toddler who will be 21 months when his baby brother arrives.

  54. This carrier sounds amazing. I love the cross cross of Beco but it seems like this carrier is a mix between ergo and Beco which equals love!

  55. I bought an older style of your carrier and did not like it for reasons you seem to have fixed now. I got an ergo and love it but would be happy to win this and like it better than my ergo and sell it and review to you how I liked it better. Thanks for the chance to win.

  56. My favorite feature is the removable lumbar support which would make this carrier more comfortable and easier on the back.

  57. My favorite feature is the hood- a bonus on a totally COMPLETE carrier!!! Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity! 😀

  58. I love the adjustable seat feature. I have a beco now and would love if I could make the seat smaller for my little girl!

  59. I like the padded webbing strips. Comfort for the baby holder is extremely important for baby wearing to be successful.

  60. i like the cross strap option. i have a chronic condition which seriously limits my flexibility and have to wear the backstrap on my current carrier much higher than it’s meant to be worn in order to be able to buckle it without help. the cross straps sound like they’ll help with that.

  61. I have the older model and really like it. Looks like this new one fixes some of the problems it has (straps twisting, buttons coming off.) would love to upgrade to this new version!

  62. I find the neck support particularly valuable, as infants need help keeping their head from flopping about. With the neck support, Mom or dad’s two hands are free for holding bags, etc.

  63. Wow….Complete really describes it! Just wish it was available at Babies R Us, I have some extra giftcard money and would love to get one of these for my new little man!

  64. I need this carrier. I am due in June and I have going back and forth between ergo and beco. I love the hood on the ergo. Beco doesn’t have one. I love how you can face out with the beco. You can’t face out with the ergo. The lillebaby complete solves this issue. It has a hood and has the face out option. Perfect.

  65. I like that the baby can be in so many different directions: facing in, out, hip or back…great! Also like the lumbar support!

  66. I love that you don’t need an extra insert for an infant. I have an Ergo and it was terrible that we couldn’t use it when our baby was born because the insert was too hot for FL.

  67. I am trying so hard to win one of these carriers! I just had a baby a month ago, and with twin three olds at home as well, a good carrier is a must when we want to go for a walk or play at the park, etc. I’ve been using a Moby wrap so far, but would like something with more head support for the little guy, and something that can go the long-haul, not take so long to put on, etc. Plus, this looks like it should be very comfortable (the ergonomic design). Please let me just win one already! 🙂 Thanks for reviewing and hosting the giveaway.

  68. Love this carrier! I especially like the detachable hood feature! It also looks like a comfortable carrier to wear!

  69. So many great features, but weight range wins. So many baby items can only be used for such short periods of time – it’s nice to see something made to last!

  70. I really like that you can start using it with an infant and that you can let baby face out without hindering hip growing!

  71. My favorite feature is the buckles! It looks like it’s fast on and off which is great. Entering for my cousin. She’d love this.

  72. I love the softness of the material, along with all of the great features wrapped into one carrier….if I don’t win I will probably still buy.

  73. I like that it’s light weight and I like the detachable hood. It gets really chilly where I live so having the hood to block wind and snow is nice!

  74. I have been debating between a beck and lillebaby for quite some time, but I think you sold me here! Now if only I could win one for free!

  75. I love the fact that this is adjustable, so my little ones can feel comfortable in it. that is the whole point!!!

  76. I love that it can hold from 7 pounds to 45 pounds. I also love that it has the ability to cradle an infants head which great feature.

  77. Always wanted a carrier, but there are so many to choose from I have no idea where to start. This one looks super comfy and nice, so I’ll start here!

  78. I like that the hood is removeable so you can wash it and that the straps can cross in the back. I am short and short waisted so it is hard to get my ergo to strap down snug enough and reach the straps myself to take it on and off.

  79. I love this carrier! I was interested in a carrier for my son , due August 4th. However after consulting my husband this went on his ‘not needed’ list. He was less than thrilled with the one we bought for my daughter (now four) and sadly we rarely used it. The contraption was more hassle to attach and uncomfortable for baby and parent both. After showing him this review he has a whole new outlook on carriers and I might be able to swing more outdoorsy activities that our jogging stroller just isn’t ment for. I’m new to these contests but faithfully read the reviews . I am hoping we can win this and put it to great use!

  80. I like how the leg holes are formed using the straps/carrier itself. I never liked trying to line-up my babies legs while holding them up in the air!

  81. My favorite feature is its multi functional wearing capabilities. I love the closeness of carrying a newborn in the front as well as a heavier child in the back. I am due with my 4th child in July and I have never owned a back carrier! Thanks for the opportunity!

  82. I am in love with carrier and I haven’t even seen it in person. I have been contemplating buying an ergo for baby #3(3 under 3…oops!!), but not after seeing the carrier. I really hope I can win one, this would be a big help for blessing #3!!

  83. I love the fact that you can use it with an infant. Living in a city, it’ll be nice to tote the little one around in such a great carrier!

  84. I love, love, love the versatility of the straps on this carrier. I can make it do whatever I want and carry my son however I please, and switching it up is quick and easy. 🙂

  85. I’ve been researching carriers and had settled on the Beco Gemini … BUT the Complete has even more features! Love the detachable hood!

  86. This would be so much better than the Bjorn I have currently… and definitely needed for the one on the way as I chase around my 22m old with a newborn!!

  87. With Baby #2 on the way, a great carrier is a must! Love how this one can be used right from the beginning without any extra parts to buy!

  88. The straps of the COMPLETE can be crossed in the back when you are carrying the baby on the front of you- this is great for a short petite person like me!

  89. My favorite feature of the carrier is the seat adjusts to ensures proper ergonomic leg position in every carrying position to support baby’s hip, pelvis, and spinal development.

  90. My son is almost two now, and throughout our experience we’ve purchased anything from slings, carriers, wraps etc. if we were to have heard about this carrier we would have solved all of our probems (convienance, and comfort for both him and us!) I’m super excited!!

  91. I love the lillebaby! I’ve been eyeing it for my six month old for weeks now, I’ll definitely be purchasing one if I don’t win this one!

  92. I am always looking for new baby carriers! I don’t have a buckle one, and honestly haven’t really tried due to the price, but this may be one of the best options for me, I am always wearing my 1yo.

  93. I love the fact that the range capacity is 7-4lbs, as my 3 girls all fall in range! They will probably be “fighting” who gets to sit/ride!


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