Live, Love, Latch! 2015

live love latch

It’s August, which means it’s National Breastfeeding Month!

Odds are, if you’re reading this blog, you have at least heard of La Leche League. It is an international organization aimed at helping new mothers breastfeed through support, information, encouragement, and education. They also work hard to promote a better understanding of the importance of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of both mother and baby.

I personally was recommended by my son’s pediatrician to reach out to our local chapter when I was having some troubles breastfeeding my son. I found them to be incredibly supportive and informative, and they helped my son and I find our groove. I recommend all new mothers to reach out to their local LLL group for encouragement and support.

Live, Love, Latch! is a monthlong celebration put on by La Leche League USA and is hosted by local chapters from around the country.

The events are intended to celebrate breastfeeding and to highlight community support. Most events are held in public locations.

This celebration provides an opportunity to educate family, friends, healthcare providers and other community members about how they can support breastfeeding, and also emphasizes the value of the support network behind every nursing dyad.

There are hundreds of events being held throughout the month of August all over the country. It’s easy to find an event near you – just check out their Events page!

La Leche League is hoping to break last year’s attendance records – so if these events sound like something you’d be interested in attending, I recommend getting out to an event near you!