Looking for a summer snack for you and the kids? Try ones that are healthy and portable!

Okay, so I’ve literally spent just as much time in the car shuttling kids around as I do during the school year! How is that possible?! While day camp seemed like a great idea at the time, it literally interrupts nap time and MY time to go pick up them up in the middle of the day. Poor planning on my part — not to mention that drop-off and pick-up all seem to fall right in the middle of a meal time. This summer we’ve been much more portable with our meals than we usually are during the school year to allow for flexible days and nights because after all…isn’t that what summer is all about?!

So if you’re like me and stuck in the car half the time and looking for a way to also break out of your same old eating routine, try a few of these healthy and portable snacks that will be the hit of the carpool! Go Mom!

Serve with pretzels, crackers or baby carrots for a healthy, filling snack! Tribe All Natural Hummus Snackers, available at grocery stores nationwide.

Does it get any better than PopChips? I think not! Available at grocery stores nationwide.

Sweet toasted oatmeal has never tasted better AND the kids love it! Winner! FullBloom Toasted Oatmeal Bar, $11.96 for 4, at abesmarket.com.

Is it weird that this is one of MY favorite snacks to eat? GoGo SqueeZ Apple/Strawberry Applesauce Pouch, available at grocery stores nationwide.


Who doesn’t love cheese?! Precious Cheese/Sorrento Cheese Sticksters, available at grocery stores nationwide.

These are just a few of our favorites — what are your family’s favorite snack ideas?