Look:No Hands!-A Simple Wishes Hands Free Breast Pump Bra Review

Remember how I was complaining about pumping away without a hands-free pumping bra? Well, I am now the proud owner of a Simple Wishes hands-free breast pump bra and the first thing I have to say about this is, “Why on earth did I not invest in one of these earlier?!”

I really didn’t think that owing a hands-free pumping bra would make a difference in my life, but boy was I wrong. Here is why: Instead of staring off into space while my pump is doing its thing, I can use that time to do something for myself. Sure, it only takes 10-15 minutes to get the deed done, but now can I spend that time reading a magazine, catching up on emails, or chatting on the phone with a girlfriend. I once even gave myself a quick little manicure- all while pumping!

There are a few hands free pumping bras on the market, but the Simple Wishes hands-free breast pump bra stands out for a few very specific reasons:

  1. This pumping bra truly is hands-free. Some of the other models on the market claim to be, but they really aren’t 100% hands-free- especially when the bottles get heavier as they fill up with milk.
  2. The Simple Wishes hands-free pumping bra has adjustable sizing (up to 10 inches around the ribs!). A woman may go through many fluctuations in bra size once her baby is born. The adjustable sizing ensures that you will only need to purchase one bra for the duration of your breastfeeding.
  3. There are two removable straps that can be worn in three ways in case you feel you need additional support.
  4. The Simple Wishes pumping bra can be worn over a regular nursing bra. All you have to do is pull down the cups on your regular nursing bra and secure the pumping bra in place.
  5. The two sizes to choose from cover a very wide variety of bra sizes. I have a very hard time finding my bra size in regular stores. Most of the time I have to shop at high-end retailers to find what I need. I love that the Simple wishes pumping bra is an easy fit.
  6. The hands-free pumping bra is also extremely comfortable, soft, and supportive. It is completely wireless, made of a machine-washable stretch cotton fabric, and it has elastic reinforcement at the top for an incredibly secure fit. This baby isn’t going anywhere!
  7. This may be a little superficial, but I love the soft pink color of the bra. It’s much more feminine and seems less “industrial” than some of the other hands-free bustier styles.

While I love the Simple Wishes hands-free breast pump bra for its functionality, design, and usefulness, I also love that the company was started by four sisters who are also mothers. Not only do I try to to support momtrepreneurs, I also trust companies that were created by women who really use their own products. It is obvious that a lot of thought, time, and experience went into the design of the Simple Wishes hands-free breast pump bra.

A big thank you to Simple Wishes for making my time at the pump a little less work and lot more about me!  For more information or where to purchase a Simple Wishes hands-free breast pump bra, visit their website here.