Let’s Be Real about Losing the Baby Weight, Jessica Simpson!

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I’ve got to applaud Jessica Simpson for hitting her weight loss goals in a healthy way—through Weight Watchers—and she looked phenomenal on Monday, debuting her still-in-transition post-baby body on Katie Couric’s new show. (You can see the clip at the bottom of this post. ) While Simpson owned up to finding losing the baby weight challenging, I think seeing her down so many pounds so soon still sends a tough message to other new moms.

The superstar told Katie that she’s already lost more than 40 pounds since the birth of daughter Maxwell Drew on May 1st and has about 10 more to go until her goal in time for the next season of taping for her show Fashion Star.

“How hard has this whole thing been—to drop the weight? How challenging is it for you?” asked Couric.

“It is definitely a challenge. I think that during pregnancy I didn’t really think about it. I thought my doctors were just telling me it was a lot of water. And whenever my water broke… my whole entire stomach would go down. All the weight did not come out with the baby. I’ve had to really stay focused and stay focused on my diet and what I’m putting in my body. Because obviously I want to be as healthy as I can because I’m a mom now.”

Couric proceeded to ask Simpson about the pressure put on celeb new moms to lose the baby weight quickly, be “yummy mummies” and so on, and Simpson admitted to finding the tabloids featuring new moms flaunting their svelte figures in bikinis in a matter of weeks just as daunting as the rest of us.

And while Simpson is no doubt losing the weight in a healthy way, it’s only been 4.5 months since her daughter’s arrival. To only have 10 pounds left at that point is pretty impressive, and I’m delighted for Simpson who acknowledged feeling “beautiful” the day of the taping. She deserves to feel good about herself—but I would have really loved to hear more about the practical side of her weight loss. In addition to following Weight Watchers, how much is she working out? How much time does she have to spend away from her baby in order to get back into shape? (Let’s not forget about the multi-million dollar deal Simpson supposedly signed with WW while she was still pregnant—few new moms have such an incentive to get the pounds off, nor can they afford to spend hours at the gym or with personal trainers—or maybe even have personal chefs cooking for them following the Weight Watchers guidelines.) Again, I have no personal knowledge of Simpson’s situation, but I would have loved to hear more about how effing hard it is to lose the weight—especially for nursing moms who a) need to be near their babies constantly for nursing and b) need to consume sufficient calories to support milk production—although I know that WW has a program specifically designed for nursing moms in terms of caloric intake.

What was your experience like losing the baby weight? How long did it take you? (It took me 12 months and 9 months after my first two pregnancies, respectively.) Do you wish celebs like Simpson would be a bit more frank about the tough reality of losing weight with a new baby at home?

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Melanie Monroe Rosen is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer and mom of two boys, ages 3 and 5, who is currently expecting her third (and very much final) baby in early 2013. A former senior editor at Parenting.com, Melanie was surprised to discover that all of her experience breastfeeding, homebirthing, babywearing, co-sleeping, and cloth diapering actually counted as professional experience. She’s a big fan of reading both Scandinavian mystery novels (to herself) and favorite chapter books from her childhood, like those by Roald Dahl (to her kids).

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lara jane
I gained 29 and 27 respectively, and lost immediately. Both of my kids were 9+lbs at birth. (I ate like I was starving with both, in case you’re wondering! I am sooo not the type to deny myself! haha!) I kept the weight off with my son until he weaned at 11 months, and within 6 months of that I’d gained 30 lbs due to hypothyroidism and estrogen dominance. These issues led to loss and secondary infertility, and we were finally blessed with our second baby, 11 years and 10 months — to the day — after her big brother.… Read more »
I gained about 55-60 pounds with my first pregnancy. I 5’4″ and went from 130-187 give or take. I will openly admit that much of my wieight gain was due to lack of exercise (working 60 hours a week sitting at a desk and commuting to work) and stress eating (my was deployed for 30 weeks of the pregnancy and I moved us across the country by myself at 32 weeks). Ice cream was my BFF. My daughter weighed about 6.5 lbs at birth and I only lost about 12 pounds in the hospital. I was back to my pre-pregnancy… Read more »
I gained 45lbs with my twin pregnancy and lost all of it plus and extra 10 within the first two weeks. I thought other women were crazy for having such a hard time losing weight. I nursed them until they were 13 months and had no problems keeping the weight off until they stopped nursing. Within the next year I gained back the extra 10 lbs that I had lost and about 5 more. Second pregnancy I gained 20 lbs in 18 weeks when we lost him and I never lost any of that weight before I got pregnant with… Read more »
I gained 55 pounds. By 4 months postpartum I had 10 pounds left. Lost all of it w/in 6 months. I’d be lying if I said I worked out. But I nursed and I made a lot of milk. I ate like crazy to keep up with what I was producing, but the pounds still just fell off. After I finished nursing I lost about another 8 pounds, so I weight 63 pounds less than I day I delivered. It’s probably an unpopular view, but I don’t think getting within 5-10 pounds of the pre-pregnancy weight is a big problem.… Read more »
Laura dv
I lost 40 lbs on WW in 5 months prior to my first pregnancy, and I started WW again last fall after my second pregnancy. I’ve lost 75 lbs on the program and I’m back to my college weight. I follow the plan cooking fresh meals myself (I use my kids nap time to chop/prep stuff for dinner) and I shopped around for gyms finding one that offered a cheap membership with cheap childcare ($27 a month for me and the kids). Regular people can do it on there own, it just takes readjusting priorities and making a plan that… Read more »
I put on 63 lbs with my son who was born in mid December 2010, I was swollen (and retained a lot of water much like Jessica Simpson says). I was down 18 lbs when I left the hospital – my son was 9.4 lbs and all the water retention dissipated after DS was here. In January I also began weight watchers and breastfed for 10 months. By July I had lost all 63 and another 15. I was fitting into jeans that hadn’t fit me since my freshman year of college. I did nothing else besides eat right and… Read more »