Lullaby Links Hand-Made Necklaces



As a nursing mom, I am used to getting pinched/scratched/pulled as I nurse my son, as I did when I nursed his older sister. It goes with the territory. Many people offer solutions like toys and baby safe necklaces, but I was never interested in them. Until a local WAHM in my community started displaying her work, and I thought they were just beautiful. Frances Manfrey, mom to her three year old boy (who was her inspiration for beginning her necklace creations) creates Lullaby Links. These were previously just necklaces, but Frances now also create earrings and bracelets too.




The necklaces are designed to soothe and entertain your little one, so you no longer get a finger up the nose (well, that still may happen, but they will definitely realize the necklace is more interesting than anything up there). Babies and toddlers just love being in the arms of mommy or any caregiver, and playing with the necklace. Not to mention, they look gorgeous!

Frances explains how she makes them-

The centerpiece is made of hand-forged and fused links of pure silver. The basic design is five graduating round links but I also customize with hearts, infinity symbols and am always working on new ideas too. The centerpiece links are textured with the look of ripples in water on one side and a woven impression on the other. The centerpiece attaches to a sterling silver chain with sterling clasps on either side. This allows the centerpiece to be clasped at various places for different looks.


That’s right- if you choose to have a centerpiece with clasps on either side, then you can change your centerpiece to hang horizontally or vertically! Personally, I chose the classic four circles and a heart, and I couldn’t be happier- it’s just beautiful, and my one year old has loved jingling it in his fingers for months. He has fallen asleep playing with it many times! I often get asked where I bought it from, and now I’m letting you know too 🙂

How cute is this?
How cute is this? This is Frances’ son.


The beauty of Frances’ work, aside from the necklace itself, is that you can customize it. She can add gold, copy your design and make something unique to you. Take a look at some of her other designs.


Gold petal
Rainbow and sun!
Three linked hearts

Want to know more? Contact Frances on Facebook by pressing LIKE on the Lullaby Links page here and check out her etsy shop here. Prices will vary depending on your selection of design and shipping fees. They make the perfect gift for a loved one or for yourself!

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