Maclaren BMW Buggy Giveaway

BMW Giveaway

BMW Giveaway

Congrats to our winner – Curtis Lu.

With Father’s Day this weekend, we thought we needed to do something extra special. So I turned to my husband and asked him what he would want to win if he won a big Father’s Day giveaway. After stating the obvious about “alone time” and just the love from his family, he blurted out a BMW. Hmm…well clearly he was thinking bigger than I was but I figured I’ll go with it.

Even though it just isn’t in our budget to give away an actual BMW vehicle, and the April Fool’s Joke from BMW UK a few years ago about a cool little car-like stroller wasn’t real (unlike the constant emails and comments we keep getting years later from people asking where they can buy it!), I knew I could still pull this off!

Maclaren! Yes, Maclaren was the answer to my giveaway dilemma!

Maclaren teamed up with BMW a few years back to introduce the sporty, little Maclaren BMW stroller and I figured it would be perfect. Dads like fancy cars and sporty strollers so this was the best of both worlds. It was in our budget AND it was still a “BMW” that my husband suggested. Win-Win.

Plus, since Baby Gizmo loves everyone, you don’t have to be a dad to win. You can be a dad, mom, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, brother, sister…basically anyone can win! Well, as long as you are over the age of 18. 🙂

This giveaway will only last four days and one lucky winner will receive a Maclaren BMW Buggy in the color of their choice! (Retails for $475).

BMWA New Era of Stylish Mobility
BMW- A collaboration of form and function.  A new era of stylish mobility.  The BMW Buggy is an engineering-inspired Maclaren Object of Design combining the highest quality materials and signature design details to create a sophisticated stroller. The award-winning Maclaren BMW Buggy is our lightweight, high-performance stroller. Suitable for children from 6 months and up, the car-inspired stroller delivers a padded liner with a luxurious bucket-seat feel, multiple position recline seat, contoured hood with mesh windows and insignia details. Weighing just 5.7kg/12.4lb, it’s simple to carry, steer, and store. Includes raincover, liner, and shoulder pads.

bmw stroller

We even have a Baby Gizmo video to show you what you could win! I suggest you watch it, there *might* be a quiz! 🙂





One (1) Maclaren BMW Buggy (stroller)


This week’s giveaway STARTS now and ends at 11:59pm EST Monday, June 22, 2015. US ONLY.

Rafflecopter is back for this one but we are making it SUPER EASY to enter! Only a couple of mandatory entries and the rest are optional entries. You can do them if you want or not.  But let us warn you – if you want the extra entries, make sure you actually do the entries! If you click on “leave a blog comment” on the Rafflecopter widget – make sure you actually leave a blog comment. We check! If you don’t do the actual entry – it doesn’t count! You won’t win. We’ll both be sad.

Entry form should be below.  If it doesn’t load right away – just wait longer. *In my best Jim Carrey voice from Pet Detective.

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  1. To watch my husband become a father has been the most magical experience… right behind becoming a mother. I love our family that we have created and adore watching him with our daughter.

  2. my dad has always been there for me. He is super kind. My husband is amazing! He will do anything for me and my kids and is the best dad.

  3. My Dad was a wonderful who stepped up to the plate to be mine and my sisters Dad when our biological father wound’t. I miss him everyday and wish he would have gotten to see his grandchildren.

  4. my husband is an amazing father. He parents our kids and foster kids with patience, love and kindness. So thankful to be able to parent alongside him!

  5. My husband is an awesome dad. I lost my dad a year after I was born and even though I have had an uncle who has loved me as the daughter that he never had and never knew he wanted and has kept the promise he made to my dad before he passed. My husband goes above and beyond for our girls and he says he wishes he could give them the extra hugs and snuggles my daddy would have give his granddaughters if he was here.

  6. My husband is absolutely selfless and incredibly hard working. He has sacrificed so much for our family and is an amazing dad.

  7. My husband is so amazing with my three kids. Not many dads let you go out or away on vacation and you know that you’re kids will be safe and happy. He works so hard and still finds time to make me and the kids feel special 🙂

  8. My husband is truly amazing. He’s a wonderful father who works very hard so that I can stay home with our son. He crawls around on the floor, teaches our son (1) all about throwing balls and being rowdy like a good boy should be. It’s the greatest feeling to hear the garage door open and watch my son run to the door saying dada. He loves his dad, as someone who grew up without my father around it means a lot to see the realationship the two of them have together.

  9. My hubby works so hard so that I can be a stay at home mom. He is a very hands on dad, changing diapers, feeding, playtime and naps. He is a great dad!!

  10. My fiance is the best he works all night comes home and helps out alot he loves us all so much and always sees the good in the world!

  11. My fiancé and I are expecting our first (1st) baby on a full moon (last Saturday in August -August 29, 2015). I could not be happier- not so much that we are bringing a life into this world, a life that we already love unconditionally, but that it will be the most important thing that we could possible share together. I love the idea that I am so fortunate that I get to wake up and spend every day with this woman, and will be so fortunate that for the rest of our lives knowing that each day we are blessed to be with one another. Moreover, now that our family will grow by one (1) means that we will now have one more soul to love, knowing that we will be exponentially blessed for the remainder of our lives. Thank you so much G-d!
    Stuart David Felsen

  12. my husband works away and really appreciates his time at home. He tries to pack so much in the time he is here. He’s a great man and a wonderful father.

  13. My husband is a wonderful dad to our 2 babies, and without him I wouldn’t be able to handle my 2 under 2 on a daily basis. My own dad is a wonderful grandpa and he is great with my littles.

  14. My favorite thing about my hubby is how hands on he is with our boys. He works so hard during the week and then on the weekends spends all of his time playing outdoors, or video games, or wrestling with our little ones. He also wakes up every morning to make breakfast and take our four old to school so that I can sleep in with our two year old. He’s awesome!

  15. My husband is so patient and willing to really get in there to help me from doing diaper duty to rocking him to sleep

  16. My dad is awesome.. he always listens to me and gives great advice.. Always putting our needs before his.. and the best of all.. he always makes time to play with my toddler!

  17. my dad has to be my grandad he is so selfless, amazing and is my hero. he is in hospital again at the mo but he still fights on. he is my inspiration. thanks x

  18. My husband does such a great job of showing our son and daughter that traditional gender roles are antiquated. On top of that, he goes the extra mile so often. like when we’re playing outside with sidewalk chalk, and he draws Dora for our daughter, since she’s one of her favorites. Or how he makes sure he attends every one of our son’s field trips. He does so much for all of us!

  19. My husband is the best dad. Our kids light up when he comes home and he will play for hours and never complains. We would be lost without him, he is our world <3

  20. I am so Blessed to have a wonderful husband who loves our two kiddos so much! He is in such aww of them all the time! 🙂

  21. My dad is a great guy, he sacrificed everything for us. He was a hero, a marine and I wish to be 1/2 as loving and caring as he was with my siblings with my own children.

  22. My husband is a wonderful dad who will be celebrating his first fathers day this year. He always puts our family first, works over 80 hrs a week, going to grad school for his MBA and still manages to have play time, dinner, diaper duty, feedings/bath time with the baby. We are so lucky to have him in our lives.

  23. My husband is an amazing father to our two daughters that he adopted and loves just like his own and to our two boys we had together. It takes an amazing man and father to love an 11 and 13 year old girl like he does with the attitudes they have right now 😉 He works 12 hour shifts and as many overtime shifts as he can get to support our family of six and allow me to stay home with the littles!!

  24. My husband is an amazing dad to our 7 kiddos. He works so hard so that I can stay at home with them. Family means everything to him and he puts us first before anything else. He coaches our kids soccer teams, makes sure he doesn’t miss a school event and has been known to suggest ice cream to celebrate even the littlest things. I love watching the kids run to the door, excitedly shouting “daddy’s home” when he pulls up from a long day of work. They love him so much which makes me love him that much more.

  25. I am so thankful for my husband. He works so hard for us and nothing melts my heart more than seeing our children giggling as he swoops them up to play with them and give them big hugs.

  26. My dad is the best! He’s always been so wonderfully supportive of everything I’ve done even though he may not understand why anyone would want to do such a thing.

  27. He work very hard all day at work comes home and work his bum off to get are home painted and in good order for are babies then plays with them before bed time xx

  28. I love how patient my husband is with our daughter. He is always trying to find new ways to challenge her. It melts my heart when I see her give him the biggest hug ever.

  29. I love that my hubby is a man who seeks to serve others in his life; what a great example for not only us (his family) but everyone in our life. 🙂

  30. My husband is the most wonderful loving giveness man you will ever meet he always gives to his kids and me all his time and efforts to make sure we are happy and know we are loved!

  31. The dad in my life that I know is my older brother. Lord knows how I love and appreciate my older bother. I’ll literately die for him any day. That man taught me a lot and stood by me every step of the way even now.

  32. My hubby is a great daddy to our 5 little children. He works long hours to support our family, and when he’s home, the house is filled with laughter and happiness.

  33. My husband is just amazing and deserves so much more than a BMW. He works tirelessly to provide for us and still has the energy to get up with the kids every Saturday so I can sleep in. He has never ever asked to sleep in…

  34. For the past year, my husband was taking night and weekend classes on top of a full time job. He works so hard to provide for us! Even not being around to see our daughter so much, she loves him so so much.

  35. My husband is the greatest dad. He is always willing to help out with our three children and always lets them know how important and loved they are.

  36. No sob story or hard done by tale.My husband is just the most fantastic dad to our three year old twins.After a day’s work,he comes home but realises that I’ve done a day’s work too so everything is shared..From nappy changing (thankfully no longer!) to bathtime,reading to cooking meals,trips to the park or clothes buying-he takes his turn with everything.It’s not Fathers Day on Sunday-it’s happy Dad’s Day from Marsali and Eilidh.

  37. My dad is great. Three generations of kids and he loves each and every one of us. He always thinks of us ids and looks out for us. Sure do love my daddy.

  38. My husband takes great care of us and never complains . He is a hard worker and is highly intelligent and I hope he passes this on to our 2 wonderful children.

  39. Omg this will be an amazing gift to win my son father hates the fact our stroller doesn’t fit in his car. I saw this stroller when I was pregnant and told everyone I wanted it, but the price is so hard to deal with especially when your a single mother doing everything on your own. This stroller will be an amazing thing to win. My dad was a good father always wanting to take his kids out exploring the world which was super fun when I was little. He passed when I was a teen which hurts. At the end of the day my mom my father and mother now and I believe it shouldn’t matter whether daddy is in your life or not the only thing that should matter is the love you receive from a parent

  40. My husband is a BMW fanatic! He has a 335i that is being modified by Custom Performance Engineering and being turned into his “race car.” His BMW is his other child and he would totally love this stroller for his actual child lol!

  41. i have been living with my step dad which is basically my dad for my whole life and it’s amazing how he is such a good dad knowing I am not his biological daughter and it sets a good example for those step dads out there that are very good and try to get that bonding with their children just to show that love isn’t just blood but it comes from the heart and the love and affection

  42. My father took me on when I was a year old, he was 24. He adopted me after he married my mother, when I was 6. My biological dad was in and out of my life, but my father was always there for me. And still is, even though we are in differ states and I am almost 30. I was truly blessed to have him as my father.

  43. My husband is a wonderful daddy! He put his girls first and works so hard in order for me to be able to stay home with them. I could not imagine life with out him! We are a team!

  44. My husband is a great dad! He didn’t have his dad growing up, yet he knows how to be there for his boys. He always spends time with them and gives each great individual attention.

  45. I’ve been pushing a double stroller for three years… my oldest two children are big enough to walk leaving me to push only the baby. Time to downsize! This seems ideal!

  46. After being a Dad, I have a greater appreciation for my parents. Being a father is the hardest, but most rewarding challenge for me.

  47. My husband is so wonderful at working to make sure our kids are never left wanting and works hard so that I can stay home to raise them. He makes a lot of sacrifices for this family and I hope someday he can stop so we can all enjoy each other!

  48. My husband is a great! The first thing he does when he gets home from work is kisses all of his family members, then spends a bit of one on one time with each of this 3 children. We all feel cherished every day.

  49. My husband rocks because he is always there for our children and I. Every night he gives them a bath and tucks them in to bed. He is my son’s soccer coach and picks the kids up from school every day. Some people may think these things are silly, but it’s the little things a person does that really matter. He’s the best!

  50. My 35 year old son is about to become a dad for the first time!! I have never seen a man sooo excited for the blessed event. I know he’ll be a wonderful Dad, he’s already making me so proud!!!

  51. My dad is a great dad, he may look stoic on the outside, but he has a very soft spot for his two daughters 🙂

  52. My dad is 66. He was recently in a serious accident that has damaged his spinal cord. He went from being completely able-bodied and independent, to completely dependent. He is still in hospital, and will need extensive rehab, but we are all hopeful that he will regain his independence. This Father’s Day is very bitter-sweet, as I am so glad he is still in the world with us, but so sad at his current state. Love my dad!

  53. My husband is a wonderful father to our children and sacrifices very much. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind pushing this stroller at all!

  54. My husband is an amazing daddy. He works hard for our family and loves spending time with us when he’s not working.

  55. I know my daughter would love to have her own BMW. We also live 10 miles from BMW’s US plant in Spartanburg, SC so this would give her major street cred here.

  56. The father of my boys is amazing, he’s always been very hands on & isn’t afraid to do even the dirty work lol (changing explosive poopy diapers? no problem!) 🙂 he’s great and i love him more each day because he works really hard to provide for all their needs. 🙂

  57. My husband and father of our girls is the most selfless, caring, understanding, creative, hard working, loving individuals I have ever had the pleasure of marrying. I am so greatful he is my husband and that he is the standard setter to my girls so they can see how they should be treated when they get older (MUCH older) ☺️

  58. He works hard for us and even when his schedule is crazy and hectic he always makes time for us. He will stop what he’s doing to read to our little girl or dance with her to make sure he always spends quality time with her no matter how busy life gets.

  59. We’d love love love this!!! My husband is an AMAZING FATHER! He hits 20 years in the service next year and he’s in culinary school. We only see him at bedtime and on weekends because for success, sacrifices must be made and he makes them for us. We spend time together on weekends and this stroller would make it easier to juggle 3 kids and make my hubby feel in style! ❤️

  60. We would love this is stroller! My hubby says its its favorite and with our first on the way it would definitely be a nice stroller

  61. This stroller fits my husband to a t. He is all about cars and bikes. He loves fixing them up, racing them, everything. Our son’s nursery is even garage themed

  62. My husband is an awesome Dad. He is always able to make our girls have fun and laugh, but he is super supportive and on board for all the less fun stuff too – from diapers to discipline.

  63. My dad is amazing and and even better grandpa. He taught us how to change a tire, how to filet a trout and how to make the best pot roast!

  64. Excited for this giveaway!! My husband is an awesome daddy to our three kids. He tells them the best stories about a pretend land. He also helps build awesome hot wheels tracks. 🙂

  65. My husband is a great dad because he is involved in our children’s lives. Let’s them climb on him, carries them, and is always there for them.

  66. my husband is a great dad. Although he does not have a lot of “quantity” time, the time he has with his kids is quality time

  67. My husband is simply hands down the best father to our children. He has the biggest heart and always takes care of our family. With a baby due in August, we want to tank you for the chance to enter

  68. My hubby is such a hard worker!! He works long hours to support us so I can stay home with our son. Somehow he still has time and energy to do fun things with us! I’m so grateful for him 🙂 and everything he does.

  69. my hubby works hard everyday so I can stay home with our little girl. And I love the fact that he’s on board with cloth diapering!

  70. My husband is an amazing dad to our kiddos. He loves playing with them. He is so patientence with our energetic biggest kid.

  71. My husband surprises me over and over again at what an amazing father and provider he is!! He and my daughter have the most special bond. I didn’t have such a bond with my own father so it makes me so incredibly happy to see them together!

  72. My baby’s Dad is amazing because he works 80 hours every other week. On his weeks off, he takes care of our 2 girls under two so he basically has 2 full time jobs. He does the bedtime routine every night and takes such good care of all of us!

  73. My husband is a loving dad – he works hard every day to provide and care for our boys. We adore him, and you are right that he would also choose a BMW as a prize! ☺️ would love this prize! As a military family, we have been through a few tours, with Afghanistan being the hardest and longest. It would be a wonderful Father’s Day gift for the family!

  74. I am lucky to have a wonderful husband that has been a great father to our kids, but now an even better grandpa. Our grandson does not talk much but he sure knows “Pa”. He is right behind his Pa wanting to do everything he does.

  75. My husband is simply amazing. He works long hours at his corporate job yet always finds tune and ways to be present and have fun with our 3 little ones.not only does he like to do things with the entire family, he enjoys taking each kid on daddy days, which they absolutely love!

  76. My husband is such an amazing dad! He works so hard for us every day, but always makes time to play with our kids and make me smile! We are all so lucky to have him!!

  77. My husband is such an awesome dad when i go to work he continues everything i do. Hell do the bath, the massage, and read to himbefore putting him to bed. Hes never aftaid to do”mommy” duties

  78. This is such a fun giveaway because it’s literally the BMW of strollers!
    I’m so very grateful to have my kid’s dad- he really is a good person!!

  79. My husband is an amazing father. He works six days a week so I can stay home with our kids. He gets up and takes our daughter fishing every Sunday morning. They get awesome bonding time, and I get to sleep in with the baby!!

  80. I love the carry strap! Of course, Dad will too, he’s so wonderful about carrying all the heavy and bulky things. I love that he’s teaching our son chivalry from the start.

  81. My husband is hard working and an amazing dad. He makes time to be a great dad despite being a full-time student with a part-time job. He looks after us and makes sure that we are always taken care of. I couldnt ask for a better husband and role model for my kids.

  82. My husband loves our kids and truly enjoys spending time with them. Although he travels a lot for work, whenever he is in town he takes our daughter out to special places, gets beignets with her, and spends time teaching her new things

  83. My husband is an amazing dad he always looks out for our kids and tried to spend as much time as he can with them.

  84. my daughters daddy sacrifices so much for her! He works in Nd, we live in CA, 5 weeks away and 1 week home to provide her with an amazing life. He misses her like crazy but he is saving up to buy us a family home for her to grow up in !

  85. The Dad in our life is my husband, Corey. Corey’s pretty amazing… He’s one of the hardest working men I know (besides my own dad of course). My wakes before the sun rises and heads to work. He puts in (5) 12 hrs/day and (1) half day, at work. That leaves us with one whole day with my husband which never seems like enough. It stinks, it really does, but he does it for us. He does it so I can stay at home and raise our five beautiful boys. He does it to provide for us. He does it so we can afford swaddle blankets and moccs (I kid, I kid). But really, he’s super hard working and oh so loving. He mushy loves our boys just like I do. He hugs and kisses them and says he loves them ALL the time and my heart melts each and every time. Our boys look up to him and enjoy the occasional “daddy’s taking us to work” day (which was today for our oldest). Though my husband is a hard worker, if I ever need him on a drop of a dime, he’s here. With bells on no less. If the dog just puked all over the floor and I’m gagging, he comes. If I have an urgent appointment and cannot take all the boys in, he rides along and watches them in the car while watching a movie in the back. If I need him to take our preschooler to school, he does it. Same with picking him up. If I need him to take the older boys to school because they missed the bus (we’ll blame that on the bus driver *wink wink*), he does it. He’s incredible and I know I usually don’t show him how thankful we all are…. BUT…. we are SO thankful! We love you so much and thank you for all you do <3

  86. I just became a dad of triplets in April! Even though my triplets are still in the NICU, I love reading to each one of them individually every night!

  87. hubby is a fabulous daddy to our daughter, she wont ever have daddy issues because he loves her to pieces, we love her more than each other 🙂 Poor #2…..

  88. My husband is great with our boys. Everyday when he gets home from work he takes them for a ride around the block to talk to them and see what they did that day. It’s so cute and they wait for him at the door when it’s close to the time he normally gets home!

  89. My dad had a childlike sense of fun and playfulness his whole life. He showed us, by his example, how to see the humor in everything!

  90. My husband is a great Dad to our 4 kiddos! He has such a great relationship with each of our kids. He takes time with them and takes one on one time with them. I am so grateful that our kids have a Dad that is involved and cares about every part of their life. I never had that kind of experience with my Dad. Our kids are going to have great memories of all the times they have had camping, swimming, wrestling, hunting, joking around etc.

  91. My husband is a good father because he is teaching our girls how their Prince Charming should treat them 😉

  92. My husband is a great dad that works hard and goes to school and still has enough energy to play with our daughter when he gets home.

  93. This stroller would be amazing for my hubby. He is a BMW enthusiast. Our kids favorite Saturday morning activity is going on a drive with dad in his 1970 BMW 2002.

  94. It is an amazing thing to see my husband grow into fatherhood. as time moves forward he reaches the children on deeper levels. I see that he has figured out how to fit a day’s worth of memories into a 5 min horse-y back ride. I notice him glancing over at our tot and letting his eyes linger so as not to miss a moment of that– moment. He may not have been the most relaxed new dad, but now as a father of 3 he has his focus on the prize(s) Our children. I know that all of his deployments have truly made him appreciate what makes home~ OUR HOME.

  95. I like to think that I am a good dad. I love my kids, and enjoy spending my time with them. Even when they are being difficult they are amazing and a true gift.

  96. My hubby is one of the hardest workers I know. He works 12 hour night shifts every day. He hasn’t had a day off in 6 months. I appreciate everything he does for us.

  97. At a baseball game tonight, it started POURING half way through the 6th…we tried to wait it out, but it was getting late. Instead of all of us getting totally soaked running to the car, my husband made the trek by himself, no umbrella and picked us up out front. As the bigger kids and I hopped in the car, managing to keep dry…he then continued to get totally drenched as he buckled the baby in. It’s not a grand gesture, just a simple thoughtful action he constantly exhibits.

  98. My husband works very hard so that I may stay at home with our 2 boys. No matter how exhausted he is when he gets home, he doesn’t hesitate to help me out with one or both of them, so that I can have a moment to myself…or eat. He’s very hand on with them and loves to get down on the floor to play with them.

  99. Would love to win this for my hubby!!! He would love it…he is such a wonderful daddy to our 6 month, 2 yr & 4 yr old little boys!! He works 2 jobs so I can be a stay at home mommy yet still finds time to play with and love on his babies!! They love their daddy so much…he’s truely the best!!

  100. My husband, the father of our children and now Papa to our granddaughter, is and always has been my hero. He is an amazing father, a wonderful husband and I am sure is going to be an incredible grandfather. I look forward to watching him interact with our granddaughter and any future grandchildren.

  101. My daughters father.. He isn’t just the most wonderful dad to our little girl, but he gives such a helping hand and giving heart saving the lives of our community and those surrounding! Hes the man behind those lights & sirens coming up behind you to save your loved one & family! He spends every other minute he can with his daughter to enlighten her, encourage her, and teach her all the wonderful things there is to know in life. There is nothing greater than that in the world!!

  102. my dad is great because he can fix everything (just about) that breaks around here, he is always there for me, and he has taught me how to grown the best food in my garden and helps me get my garden ready every year. He is a wonderful grandfather and father figure to my two children, and is teaching them so much more than I would ever do. Both of my children know how to fish and will be able to hunt independently because of him.

  103. My husband is such an amazing dad to our 6 month old son. He changes almost every diaper, reads to him, plays with him, sings song to him, always asks to push the stroller or wear him while we’re out and about, and is just generally a loving man. He totally deserves to win this stroller because he loved it while we were “test driving” in store and thinks it would be great for baby!

  104. My husband is the greatest dad in the world. He’s always there to keep me and my boys safe. Couldn’t have asked for a better husband or father.

  105. My dad has been gone for 23 years-he died from ALS. He set a pretty high standard as far as dad’s go. He made sure we knew how much he loved us and made us a priority. He came to every school function, sports event, etc. I remember him even giving me the last few dollars in his wallet. He was kind and generous and I wish I had been a better daughter. I miss him and wish he could’ve been a part of my children’s lives.

  106. My father in law is pretty cool. As my dad isn’t really involved in my life, it’s nice to have a great role model for our kids… and for me! He is very active in my wife’s life, in my life and the lives of our children. He is always there for us when we want or need him. Heck, he’s there whether we want him or not ;]


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