Maclaren USA Quietly Declares Bankruptcy

Wait! What?!?  Did you read that?  Yep, THE Maclaren! The company that created the first umbrella stroller back in the 60s, the once uber-popular stroller company quietly filed for bankruptcy 2 months ago. Wait? What?!? Eeeekkkkk. Pull the e-brake!  Did you catch that? TWO MONTHS AGO!

Why has no one reported that? Well, to be fair – why has no one but DaddyTypes reported this? Where is the Today Show? Good Morning America? How about just the local ABC news? How can a ginormous, once a multi-million dollar company file for bankruptcy without anyone knowing? How is this such a secret? Teresa Guidice had more attention for her bankruptcy and she is just one of the dumb Real Housewives of New Jersey (and I use “Real Housewives” very, very loosely!).

According to DaddyTypes’ due diligence, no one really knows about it. Not the retailers. Not the publicists. Not even the industry people. I didn’t even know about!  I know everything about baby gear (almost!)!  And this isn’t just the type of bankruptcy where they “re-organize”, wipe away all their debt and then continue with business as usual. This is the Chapter 7-shut-it-down, company-goes-away bankruptcy. What?!? I’m still in shock!

We just did a Twitter Party with Maclaren back in November! Sure, they had laid off tons of employees last year and we haven’t worked with them much recently due to their contacts always changing, but I would like to say – where was my press release on this?!? Where was my email addressing this? Isn’t this news? Big news?

Yes, Maclaren was clearly devastated by their 1 million stroller recall back in 2009. Who knew that one recall (yes, it was massive!) could possibly take down a stroller giant like Maclaren? It was reported that Maclaren had $20.4 million in revenue in 2010 (clearly after the 2009 recall) but only just over $34,000 in the first 9 months of 2011. What the hell happened?  Why did people stop buying Maclaren? I’m just dumbfounded by this. I clearly don’t know the entire story and can’t pretend I do – but WOW!

I should have known something was amiss when Maclaren was suddenly absent from the big ABC Kid Expo for the last few years. In 2009, they had a big, beautiful booth at the tradeshow with all their new products for the next year. In 2010, they were nowhere to be seen at the tradeshow and no one really knew why. No one really talked about it.

While I sit here and try to soak this in – you can read all the juicy details (or what has been discovered so far!) over at DaddyTypes.