Magformers- The Magnets Children Love!


I’d never heard of Magformers until a friend posted on Facebook that they were on sale, so I decided to look into them ( I tend to look into recommendations of toys that are silent). I was pleasantly met with hundreds of 5 star reviews on Amazon! So what exactly are they? Well, they’re a box of brightly colored, plastic shapes, like triangles, squares and pentagons, and they have small magnets on each of the sides. When you put them together, the building possibilities are endless! Build up, down, across, build a house, a rocket, or a pyramid, whatever you want, let your imagination run with it.


They are similar to the more well-known Magna-Tiles, but Magformers are much stronger and, in my daughter’s opinion, more fun. Aimed at children aged 3 and up, they are a big hit with kids and adults- honestly, I love building with these too! It’s strangely therapeutic. Maybe it’s the quiet in the house when we’re all so focused. 😉

Being this great, there had to be a catch: they’re not cheap. They’re currently on sale on Amazon and start at $33.99 for 30 pieces, so given that we have two children, we went for the 62 piece set. The more pieces you have, the more exciting and complex things you will be able to construct.

photo 1
My 3.5 year old daughter making cubes.

They make a wonderful, silent gift for children, that are easy to clean up. What more could parents want?

BUY The Magformers 62 piece set HERE