Make instant memories with Tommee Tippee’s new site — The Day Baby Was Born

In the world of social media, it’ almost impossible not to make the announcement of your baby’s birth immediately following the delivery of your 7 lb. bundle of joy. Your husband wants to post his joy on Facebook including all the pertinent stats and you want to announce it your way to all your Twitter moms and to your own Facebook profile. And, of course, as soon as you do this…the congratulations and “Aaahh, they’re so cute!” messages start pouring in. However, capturing these wonderful messages of love from family and friends is not as easy as it seems. Cutting and pasting to a word document just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Now thanks to the storybook Web application,, from Tommee Tippee capturing these early memories about your pregnancy journey, the Facebook announcements and messages of congratulations from friends and family, along with important facts and figures about the exact day your baby was born, can all be compiled and downloaded for FREE. Log-on to the Web site via Facebook and you can start to compile your digital storybook and upload photos like your first ultrasound and first hospital pictures.

It’s such a nice service for new and busy moms that can’t remember all those details! To start your digital storybook, visit