Great MAM Anti-Colic Bottle Review

Picking a bottle that works for your baby can be a daunting task.  Since every baby is different, you may find that your baby may not love the same type of bottle that your first baby or your friend’s babies adore.   I recently found a great bottle that works fabulously for both my newborn son and I.   

The MAM Anti-Colic bottle has some great features that made transitioning from breast to bottle very easy for us.  The first feature that I love is that the MAM’s patented silky soft nipple has a unique shape.  Instead of being completely circular and long like other nipples (which my babies have always seemed to choke on when they are first starting), the MAM nipple is short and wide (yet flattened) and I think resembles a woman’s breast more than other bottle nipples.  The nipple is also designed so that it doesn’t collapse while drinking.  So, no need “burp” the bottle because the nipple collapses in your baby’s mouth!  I’m happy to say that my son took to this nipple immediately with no problems. 

The second feature that I love is the functional design of the bottle.  Both the top and the bottom (the base) of the bottle have wide openings that unscrew to make this an extremely easy bottle to clean.  No bottle brush needed!  Plus the wide opening makes filling the bottle effortless.  The MAM Anti-Colic bottle also has an innovative base that is vented to control milk flow and balances air pressure which is supposed to be ideal for reducing colic.  My only word of caution is to make sure that you screw the base on the bottle correctly every time or the bottle will start to leak.

Finally, the cap is actually leak-proof like the company advertises.  This is important when the bottle accidentally gets tipped over in the diaper bag.  The MAM Anti-Colic bottle is BPA free and comes in 2 sizes: 5 oz and 8 oz.  The MAM Nipple also is available in four different  flow rates for your growing baby. For more information on the MAM Anti-Colic Bottle visit their website at:

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diar-mommy Aisyah

hi all…
i also experienced this with Aisyah. she was about 3 mo when i had my ‘running out of time’ to return to my job. Agree with jen, i had also tried with several brands: tomme tippee, pigeon, huki, avent both standard or wide-neck with no luck… glad to have 160cc MAM bottle [got that as a present from my friend]. currently Aisyah has 3 bottles of 160cc and she is happy now to ‘latch-on’ with MAM bottle… 🙂

I Love Mam anti colic 5 oz bottles! I breastfeed my son and occassionally give a bottle of expressed milk. At 5 weeks my son rejected the bottle. I then went on a search for a bottle he would take with out gagging, and crying. I tried 10 differnt brands; medela, platex, avent, gerber, tommee tippee, first years breast flow, nuk, dr. brown wide neck , and standard bottle no luck. Finally I tried Mam and he took it fine! I was so excited since I will be return to work in 4 weeks! Man bottles were my life saver… Read more »

oh yes, by the way, my daughter is 2.5 years old now…and still loving her MAM bottle!

Hi Hollie! I totally agree with you on this review. I have used this bottle since my daughter turned 10 months (because thats when I actually found out and researched about BPA). I couldnt understand which bottle to get that was BPA free, and this was the only bottle in my boutique that I could find that I was sure was BPA Free. I LOVE the fact that it is so easy to clean. I mean, it does take a little bit more time, just one extra step to clean it, but at least I dont have to stand there… Read more »