MAM Anti-Colic Bottles for the Win!

When you are a new parent of a fussy, gassy or colicy baby, it can be very frustrating to find a baby bottle that not only will your little one take, but one that will help cut down on the air swallowed by them while drinking. If you can find a bottle that fits those requirements AND is easy clean, it’s a win for sure!

Enter the MAM Anti-Colic bottle.

mam bottles

I actually used these bottles with my two boys when they were babies. While the bottle worked great for my youngest son, they were especially great for my firstborn son who suffered from colic and gas. The vented base helped tremendously since it is designed  to regulate pressure preventing bubbles and foam, ensuring babies do not get air in their tummy while feeding. Basically, the vented base controls the flow of milk which results in less colic, gas and reflux.

That’s not the only great feature of the MAM Anti-Colic bottle though. The nipple has a textured surface and a flat shape, that not only fits well in baby’s mouth, but also makes switching between breast and bottle easier.

mam bottle

And what about cleaning the bottles, you ask? Ohhh…you’ve heard the horror stories of how hard some bottles are to clean and when you are sleep deprived and cleaning 12 bottles, easier is better, right?

Well, MAM has your back on that one too. The wide opening makes it easy to clean, BUT I would say these are the easiest bottles to clean on the market because of the fact that the vented base screws off. And if that doesn’t get your downright giddy yet, the bottle has a self-sterilizing feature when you fill the base with water, stack the pieces (watch our video!) and heat in the microwave for 3 minutes.

Mam Anti Colic Bottles

What did I tell you? MAM Anti-Colic Bottles for the win.

If you’d like to see these bottles up close and personal, watch our Baby Gizmo video below.

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Mam Anti-Colic Bottles