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  1. This buggy seems alright, but when it comes to its looks (hood, seat, harness, wheels) and the seat reverse mechanism, it is too much like the Bugaboo Bee which I own. This is why I would never recommend this buggy to anyone. To me it’s a cheaper version of the Bee and I do not approuve of any forms of stealing (copying is stealing to me). I simply would feel awkward having a buggy everyone would keep comparing to a more expensive iconic stroller.. This is only proof that Bee is the best stroller in the workd and nothing better can be invented!

  2. Here’s my review of the Armadillo Flip vs the Sola

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  3. I love this buggy so much, I had the opportunity to go to a sneak peek at Mamas & Papas. I also have the Sola so am planning on writing a comparison on the two very shortly

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