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  1. Here I wants to know I choose best car seat for my own baby. how i can know that which Car Seat is better than others.

  2. I had the same question with the Uppababy Vista and got the same response. They don’t know when/if its going to be tested but as soon as it is it will be posted on their website. I’m not due till February so I’m going to try to wait. Question though. Are you sure its 9 lbs? When I saw it at BuyBuy Baby it was 12-13 lbs (significantly heavier then the Mico). I was expecting it to only be about a pound heavier then the Mico.

  3. I have the same question. I need to know if its compatible with the Bugaboo Donkey Maxi Cosi adapter. Ive seen the question asked several times and no one seems to have an answer. I got the same response as the above question did from Bugaboo.

  4. I’ve already decided on a Baugaboo Cameleon for my stroller but dies anyone know if the new Prezi will work with the bugaboo cameleon? I contacted bugaboo and received the following response:
    “Bugaboo has not tested this car seat and cannot confirm that this is compatible. We realize that some retailers are informing customers that the Prezi is compatible. Bugaboo cannot support any communications from outside sources. Until this is confirmed by bugaboo’s quality and compliance department we cannot confirm it’s compatibility.

    We do not recommend the Maxi Cosi Prezi as a compatible car seat.”

    I’m not due until December but would love to know if the Prezi is an option for my little one.

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