Meeno Babies Cool Mee Seat Liners

Meeno Babies Cool Mee Seat Liners

Summer is already rearing its head in Southern California and that means one thing: hot sweaty kids sitting in hot sweaty car seats and strollers. Ew.

Meeno Babies Cool Mee Seat LinersThe Meeno Babies Cool Mee seat liners were designed to keep kids cool while in their car seats and strollers. The universal seat liners are made from 3-ply, poly-mesh material that promotes airflow between your child’s body and their seat. Warm air escapes, preventing overheating and perspiring, keeping baby cool and comfortable. The Cool Mee seat liners are available for infant car seats, toddler car seats, and strollers. There are five colors to choose from: light pink, light blue, tan, silver, and black.

Our little tester got to try out the Meeno Babies Cool Mee seat liner in her Maxi Cosi infant seat. The bucket seat liner is easy to install, as you don’t have to remove the existing car seat cover or adjust the harness. The seat liner is placed right on top of the car seat’s original cover. There is a long strap at the head that extends over the top of the car seat and is attached with a velcro adhesive that is included with the seat liner. I will say that the strap was a touch awkward looking and it would be great if there were a way to secure the head of the seat liner without it. That being said, the strap is necessary because it keeps the seat liner from scrunching down.

There just so happened to be a heat wave this week in Southern California, and with 90 degree temperatures, there couldn’t have been a better time to put the Meeno Babies Cool Mee seat liner to the test. Our tester baby was the perfect candidate for this project. She’s already a hot little sweaty baby and she has a head full of thick, dark hair. We took her to the park with her seat liner, we took her to the zoo, we even went on a light jog around the neighborhood. Did I mention it was 90 degrees out?

Here were the results: She was less sweaty and she didn’t appear to be in any discomfort during our outings. Her head was still damp when we took her out of her bucket seat, but her legs were noticeably less sweaty. Again, she has a freakish amount of hair on her cute little head, so that may have accounted for some of the moisture.

Another reason we like the Meeno Babies Cool Mee seat liner is that it protects car seats and strollers from stains, spills, and the general grodiness that is inevitable when a kid uses a car seat or stroller for more than five minutes. I wouldn’t say that the fabric of the seat liner is perfect for wiping off caked goldfish, as the poly-mesh material is quite textured, but the Cool Mee seat liner is certainly easier to wash than removing the entire car seat cover. ¬†For best results, wash the seat liner in warm water, with like colors, and hang to dry. We tested out the seat liner in our washer and it cleaned like a dream and still kept its shape.

The Meeno Babies Cool Mee Seat Liners were designed by parents who simply wanted their baby to rest easier by keeping them cool and comfortable when traveling. Summer is fast approaching (and in some cases, already here!) and if you live in a warm climate, or plan on traveling with your little guys, the Meeno Babies Cool Mee seat liners are products that will help everyone enjoy their ride.

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Meeno Babies Cool Mee Seat Liners


  1. Nava, that’s an interesting point. I’ve used the Cool Mee seat liner and in my opinion, they are more thinner than the Bundle Me and do not require cutting out the backs like most parents have done in the past. It’s actually quite easy to use, easy to maintain, easy to wash and easy to put in and take back out.

    Regarding the warranty issue, so many of the things that we, as parents, keep in the car, put on the car seats, put on the windows, put in the baby’s hand, etc. can void a car seat manufacturer’s warranty. Car seat buntings, infant head supports, harness strap covers, toys, mirrors, pull-down shades, seat belt tighteners, etc. will all void a warranty. If you allow your baby/child to eat or drink while they are strapped in their car seat, that also voids the warranty. So, at the end of the day, when it comes to a car seat manufacturer’s warranty, it is up to the parent to decide what to do.

  2. Great article! Just bought a pink stroller liner on amazon. Seems like what my daughter needs on a warm summer day!

  3. um YIKES! A stroller is one thing, but never, never, never use them in a car seat! Aside from compressing in a short stop or accident and creating slack in the car seat straps (your baby gets thrown around like a rag doll and may slip through straps), it will void your manufacturer’s warranty for adding an aftermarket product to your seat.
    They weren’t crash-tested with it and insurance won’t cover medical or damage bills. A lot of companies claim that their product is crash tested like this one claims, but how have they tested it on every seat on the market? Its just not possible, so they can’t have crash-tested it.

    For questions on how a seemingly thin-ish liner will cause slack in the straps, you may want to check out a similar situation with the Bundle Mes, where a mom shows how it causes slack in the straps (with pictures): (more have replicated it). /PSA


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