Meet Lily Jade … The Ultimate Diaper Bag (+ Giveaway)

Meet Lily Jade … The Ultimate Diaper Bag (+ Giveaway)

When it comes to diaper bags it looks like the 5th time is the charm for me! That’s right – I’ve cycled through five different diaper bags hoping to find the right one; the one that can hold all my supplies, be easily carried while juggling a little one or a load of groceries, and, of course … looks hip! Where could it be?

Well, it’s time you all meet Lily Jade! I have and I’m smitten!

photo 1

photo 3

I’ve been carrying my Lily Jade for the last few weeks and am constantly amazed at how perfect this bag is. It’s so much more than just a diaper bag. It’s the ultimate tote, purse, and organizing companion. I can see myself carrying my Lily Jade for years to come – it’s just that classic, timeless and versatile.

Lily Jade was founded by purse loving mama, Meggan Wood. When she entered the crazy world of motherhood back in 2005 she searched and searched for the perfect diaper bag – one that balanced function and fashion – she never found one. That’s when the heart of Lily Jade was born and it later followed with her beautiful line of handbags.

Here’s a peek at one of Lily Jade’s newest designs – Elizabeth in Camel. This style was also released in a cheery red canvas.

lily jade elizabeth

Made to last beyond the baby years, Lily Jade handbags are comprised of two pieces – the handbag (6 styles available) and the baby bag. The handbags are made of beautiful leather, canvas or a combination. They don’t have that diaper bag look. Not one bit. If you walked past them in the store, you’d say, “What a beautiful purse!” But … surprise, surprise – a peek inside reveals the amazing baby bag taking the Lily Jade handbag from purely beautiful to beautiful AND functional! The baby bag is a stand alone pocket system that allows you to organize and store all the essentials. It’s genius. Period. No other word describes it.

And all the angels sing, because look … JUST LOOK! Stocked with all the essentials and organized for easy access. Goodbye bottomless pit, hello Lily Jade baby bag!

lily jade baby bagWhen the time come for me to retire diapers, snacks, extra clothes and all the baby day jazz, I’ll simply store my baby bag in my closet and continue carrying my Lily Jade as a regular handbag. Could you find a better investment? Well, yes, of course you could, but not when it comes to diaper bag investments! I promise! I’ve already done that research!

Lily Jade bags normally range from $159-$335 and that includes the baby bag. Happy announcement though … RIGHT NOW THEY’RE ON SALE!

Let’s see, other things I would be silly not to mention … the leather of the Camel Elizabeth is soft as butter. Not joking. The leather Lily Jade uses is unlike any other leather I’ve experienced in a purse. A number of Lily Jade bags have a few carrying options – the normal straps, crossbody and my favorite, the backpack. Three cheers for being hands-free and balancing my purse’s weight on my back! I also love that the baby bag is washable and that the bottom of the Elizabeth has metal studs to protect the base. Oh, and the zipper opens and closes both smoothly and easily, even when using it one-handed. You know those cheap zippers that get stuck and skip? Yeah, Lily Jade doesn’t have time for that. They’ve got top notch zippers and for that I’m quite thankful.

photo 1

Here’s your chance to fall in love with the Elizabeth, Madeline (another backpack option), Caroline, Anna, Sarah Grace and the rich purple, Cailin! I’m curious, what’s your favorite style of Lily Jade handbags? I’m a bit partial to the Elizabeth, I even made a mini video showing off how my stocked baby bag nests perfectly inside! Swoon! Happy mama here!

Lucky for you, my curiosity about your favorite has a reason … Yes, you guessed it! … the top notch team over at Lily Jade is giving away a handbag to one Baby Gizmo reader!

Thank you, Lily Jade, not only for your generosity, but also for creating something every mama has dreamed of. Lily Jade handbags are a dream come true!

Enter the giveaway below …


Michaele H.

What’s up for grabs:

One (1) Lily Jade Diaper Bag. Winner gets to choose!!

HOW TO ENTER: Rafflecopter is back for this one but we are making it SUPER EASY to enter! Only one mandatory entry and the rest are optional entries. You can do them if you want or not. Giveaway starts at 12:01am EST on Monday, July  28 and ends at 11:59pm EST on Sunday, August 3, 2014. US only! (Sorry, Canada!) But let us warn you – if you want the extra entries, make sure you actually do the entries! If you click on “leave a blog comment” on the Rafflecopter widget – make sure you actually leave a blog comment. We check! If you don’t do the actual entry – it doesn’t count! You won’t win. We’ll both be sad.


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  1. This would be a gift for my wife and I’m honestly not sure which one she would pick. I’m sure it would be one in black.

  2. The leather Elizabeth is gorgeous. Everything I could want in a diaper bag. Tons of pockets, great color, versatility in options to wear, cleats on the bottom! Love love LOVE!

  3. I LOVE the cailin in purple or Madeline in any color. I have been look ing all over for this bag! Would be beyond excited to win!!

  4. I’d absolutely LOVE to WIN!! I’d probably choose the Elizabeth in Camel. Crossing my fingers and toes for the WIN!! <3

  5. Gosh I have no clue how you pick just one?! No clue which one I would want yet, but I do love the multiple strap options!!

  6. I have been trying to win one of these all year!! I’m obsessed with the Elizabeth in camel and the Madeline in brandy.. I know the chances are really slim of me winning.. But I felt like needed to give it one more shot!!

  7. I am due with my third little girl in September and I am in desperate need of a diaper bag to hold all my essentials for 3 girls under age 3. My favorite is the Elizabeth in Camel or Madeline in Brandy. Only Lily Jade can save my diapering days!

  8. Have our first baby girl coming this December and absolutely in LOVE with all this diaper bag has to offer! Not only is it stylish, but functional!!!

  9. They are all sooo beautiful!! It will take me a little bit to choose!! Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these beautiful bags! They would be very useful to carry all my stuff for my two babies!!

  10. Your style is adorable! I love all the photos and the advice. If I were to win, I would opt for the Caroline or the Elizabeth. I love the Elizabeth but am not sure if you can hold it on your shoulder. All the Lily Jade bags are beautiful, though. Thanks for blogging!

  11. I’m obsessed with anything in camel, but especially the Elizabeth! It’s the perfect replacement for my favorite purse that was stolen a few years ago, but even better with the Baby Bag!

  12. I love the Madeline bag. I mean, it helps that my name is Madeline though… I love the red. Or the black. Or the burgundy. I love it.

  13. I LOVE the Madeline in Brandy and the Elizabeth in Camel. It’s a toss up of which one is my favorite! Now that my baby girl is a little over one, I want something that can double as a diaper bag or a purse ;). I also love that they can be worn as backpacks, even better!

  14. I LOVE the Madeline in Brandy and the Elizabeth in Camel. It’s a toss up of which one is my favorite! Now that my baby girl is a little over one, I want something that can double as a diaper bag or a purse ;). I also love that they can be worn as backpacks, even better!

  15. I am loving the Elizabeth bag featured here in camel! Because it can also be a backpack, it’s perfect for babywearing!! 🙂

  16. I was about to buy a diaper bag last week but my friend talked me out of it b/c she thought I would rather have a nice looking bag to use beyond the diaper years for myself then to spend the money on one just for baby. This is the perfect compromise!!!

  17. I have been looking for the prefect diaper bag.. and this to the one. I have gone through probably 6 diaper bags and they just aren’t that great.. to big, ugly, not very organized, can’t fit everything i need, bulky, heavy and the list goes on. SO, this Elizabeth would be the prefect one!! I absolutely love it!!

  18. Swooning over the Elizabeth bag!! In love with it is an understatement. It would be perfect for the littles, and me too! 🙂

  19. Can’t remember if I commented when I entered giveaway so here’s another comment in case :). Madeline in black. No, brandy. No, black….

  20. I would love to win the Elizabeth in camel. The bag is absolutely stunning. I have yet to find a bag that is beautiful and serves it’s purpose as a diaper bag, other than Lily Jade. Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  21. I love the Caroline in Brandy! I’ve been dreaming about it for so long! It’s stylish, functional, and user-friendly… What more could a mom want!?!

  22. I have been obsessing over lily-jade since I discovered them about 4 months ago and I would die if I won this !! Such a great giveaway!!!

  23. I would Love to win this on my birthday! I’m also suffering from buyers remorse with my current diaper bag, I have to take everything out to get what on the bottem.

  24. I adore the Elizabeth bag! I have had my eye on it for a while, but can’t seem to get the funds in order to purchase. All their bags are fabulous…. but I love that the Elizabeth zips and has extra front storage for easy access!!! Probably would go with camel color as I don’t see gun metal in stock.

  25. I love the Elizabeth in camel! So classic and “season-less” … And I would never have even thought of a backpack style until I started lugging around my 13 lb baby boy plus a 13 lb diaper bag!! The backpack style would be a life savor without ruining a cute outfit

  26. Finally!!!! The search is over. Literally days away from having my third (and last) baby and I finally find this blog review and the diaper bag I have been searching for FOR 4 years! Love the Elizabeth!!! Great bag; great review! Cannot wait to see it in person with my new lil person! 🙂

  27. I’ve had my eye on the Madeline for months now. Still can’t decide between the brown vs black and every time I see a new review showcasing one or the other, I’m back to square one 🙂

  28. I love the Elizabeth in Camel that Baby Gizmo is “Promo”ing!!! Awesome looking bag for diapering and everyday needs! Fingers Crossed! 🙂

  29. I really like them all, but I really love the Sarah Grace in gold, the blue/teal lining is really in right now! But I really don’t think you could go wrong with any of the bag – all beautiful and all so perfect for the on-the-go mommy!

  30. I love that this bag is more of a purse than a diaper bag. That is so hard to find. I too have searched everywhere looking for a bag that I could wear as a purse yet function as a diaper bag. I really love the baby bag organizer that sets inside, its really an added bonus to the bag!

  31. I would love either the Elizabeth or calin and I would appreciate a bag that could last me we would never in a million years be able to afford those though haha…

  32. The Elizabeth in Camel is perfect for me! It’s big enough I could carry around all my junk that I need for two babes. I love that it’s a handbag or backpack , and it’s BEAUITIFUL.

  33. I love all of the Lily Jade bags! Functional and fashionable for all the cute moms!!! These bags are the only ones I’ve found that are both cute and realistically large enough for a diaper bag. Love love love! Thanks for the great giveaway! 🙂

  34. I love that it is stylish and does not look like a typical baby bag. The Elizabeth camel is my favorite!

  35. I like the backpack option so I would probably choose the Madeline in black or the Elizabeth in camel. Awesome giveaway. Thanks.

  36. I need to have the Elizabeth in Camel. I have no words to how beautiful this bag is. I need to have it. Is exactly what I was looking for. I hope I win this 🙂

  37. I need to have the Elizabeth in Camel. I have no words to how beautiful this bag is. I need to have it. Is exactly what I was looking for. I hope I win this 🙂

  38. I cant believe this is a diaper bag. I am 31 weeks and ive been looking for a diaper bag since I got pregnant. I am so in love with this bag, I have no words. I am usually not a purse girl but I knew I did not wanted to carry a baby bag that will not go with my style. This one is a winner. I am so in love with it, is the perfect diaper bag. The color is perfect and the material looks worth the price. I really cant afford this bag but I will find a way to get it hahaha! I need to have it.

  39. It’s so hard to make a choice! I love them all! I would want Elizabeth in black as my first Lily Jade. <3

  40. My partner woke me up at 6am yesterday to tell me that she’d found the perfect diaper bag – Lily-Jade! I’d love to get her the Madeline in Brandy as a surprise!

  41. I love this multifunctional bag! It would be so awesome to win since I’m always looking for a purse/diaper bag…i will soon be a Mommy of 2 and this would be excellent to have! 😉

  42. I love the Caroline and the Madeline in black. I have been using a diaper bag for 3 years and am still searching for one that not only has all of the fuction that I want but also a bag that I LIKE! I think I have gone thru 8…..Megan

  43. Out of all the bag, Elizabeth has kept my eye!! Definitely need this bag, my original diaper bag is really not up for the challenge of two baby boys :(. Seams are giving out on me after only 3 months … sucks!!! So fingers crossed here :).

  44. I love the Sarah Grace in Gold! So chic! Love them all. It was a difficult decision, but that SG Gold caught my eyes!

  45. My partner woke me up at 6am yesterday to tell me she’d found the perfect diaper bag 🙂 the Madeline in brandy is is what I’d love to win and surprise her!

  46. I am tragically obsessed with bags and since having my baby boy I have been on the search for a hood quality diaper bag…that doesn’t look like a diaper bag. This one looks perfect!!..if I don’t win this raffle I’m going to have to buy myself one!!

  47. I still love the Elizabeth in Camel. The contrast of the camel color and the red pop is fresh and doesn’t feel like a diaper bag at all!

  48. Love!! I would definitely get the same bag in the Camel. It looks like a regular handbag that I would scoop up quickly and I love that I can use it for my munchkin. Fashionable and function!

  49. Would love to win the madeline or elizabeth in red canvas . The elizabeth in camel is also beautiful or the madeline in red, brandy or black . Just had my first boy after having three girls . I have been looking for the perfect baby bag .

  50. I love the look of this bag and in desperate need of rescue from my bottomless pit of a purse/diaper bag. I have three boys aged 4,3, and 9 months who keep my hands full all the time so I would be more than grateful for a perfect piece like this! 🙂

  51. Wow! A stylish diaper bag?!? And it’s so hard to pick just one…The Elizabeth is my pick (although I love them all)!

  52. SO torn! I can’t decide if I’d go Elizabeth or Caroline or Madeline….um, definitely Brandy color and probably Madeline.

    Thanks for the chance!

  53. my girlfriend loves this bag and thinks its totes cute so im commenting this on her behalf and cuz i love her,,,and she mad me…her choice is the elizabeth in camel…id think itd look awesome cuz its two in one.

  54. I would definitely love the “Elizabeth in Camel” bag. I love that it turns into a backpack so you can go hands-free when needed!

  55. I really love the Anna in Black, such a classic yet chic looking bag and I adore purple so the inside calls to me!

  56. Great timing! My diaper bag is about to give up on me, having to put mine and baby’s stuff in it. Love the elizabeth design. Just what I’m looking for!

  57. I’m tempted by the Anna, since that is my name, but I’d have to choose the Elizabeth in camel. So cute and versatile!

  58. I would take any of them. I don’t have a diaper bag at the moment, keep using shopping totes and they look ugly and cheap.

  59. I have an emotional love affair with these bags! But the Elizabeth in Camel stands out the most to me. Great for chasing after and having lots of goodies for my fodder son.

  60. Oh, do I love the red color of the Caroline!!! It’s always so difficult to find a nice leather bag with a gorgeous shade of red, thanks Lily Jade:)

  61. Gasp!!! I have been trying to find something like the Elizabeth for a good year now. I current use a Oioi diaper bag a girlfriend found at VV when I had Diego. It’s a messenger bag style, but I carry my purse separate and hate it. I switch between that and a REI little hiking backpack. Hands free is so nice.

  62. I’d choose the Caroline or the Elizabeth. All the bags are beautiful though, so I don’t think you an really go wrong!

  63. I would love this leather diaper bag in Madeline. It’s versatile & will help with the kids, & with classes I’m taking, & as a handbag.

  64. Elizabeth in camel or Caroline in brandy. They are divine! I’d feel so blessed to carry one of these Lily Jade creations on my arm. =D

  65. The Madeline in Red Canvas 🙂 <3 my gosh love the back pack option, let momma remain hands free to play with her lo.

  66. The Elizabeth in Caramel would be fantastic! I just had my third baby and am tired of toting around the same black bag from my first baby. It would be wonderful to change things up!!

  67. Elizabeth in the camel leather! Looks like a great purse–almost as nice as my current Eddie Bauer backpack diaper bag. (Looks longingly)

  68. The Lily Jade Diaper Bag I’d choose if I won is the Cailin although the Caroline is gorgeous too! I love how versatile they are with the organizer inside and how they look like a regular high quality tote !

  69. My favorite is actually the Elizabeth in Camel because it’s such a rich and timeless color paired perfectly with a beautiful and trendy bag.

  70. Madeline in Brandy and Elizabeth in Camel are my faves. Its like shopping for beautiful handbags, not diaper bags. Amazing!

  71. I absolutely love all the Lily Jade diaper bags. But if I had to choose it would be the Caroline or Madeline in red or even the Elizabeth in camel is splendid also!

  72. They are all so pretty but I love the Elizabeth in Camel! Your pictures make it look like such a great piece to own!

  73. I love the Elizabeth, the Madeline and the Caroline…it would be hard to choose just one!!! The inner baby bag is amazing too! I want to buy one for my current tote that I use!

  74. The Elizabeth in camel is gorgeous! My daughter is pregnant with #3 and how I would love to gift her this wonderful bag! Thanks so much for the opportunity! A loving mommy/grandma – Bari.

  75. Elizabeth in camel is my fave! Love that you can use it 3 different ways. Regular diaper bags can’t do that. It’s perfect for all you baby’s essentials. So in love with the bag and you can’t even tell it’s a diaper bag, big plus. I would love to win this stylish and cute diaper bag!

  76. I am in love with these bags! I love the style and as a mom of 3 I love the function! Plus the organizer is amazing. I may not be able to afford one but I really appreciate the opportunity to try and win one!

  77. The Sarah Grace looks cute for summer time, but the Elizabeth in Camel you have featured would look great all year round! I love a diaper bag that does not look like a diaper bag. One I could use later for years to come : )

  78. I am in love with Lily Jade diaper bags and would love to have the Madeline or Caroline for my first baby – a girl – coming this September!

  79. I would LOVE the Elizabeth to help me organize all of my first little girl’s essentials…. due in 4 weeks!

  80. I love Elizabeth in camel. It’s totes cute!! Very stylish and looks nothing like a diaper bag. I would so love to win.

  81. I just recently stumbled upon Lily Jade, and I am in love. I am a mother of two and a full time teacher, so this would be my go to bag. They are all gorgeous!!!

  82. I just discovered Lily Jade and would love to win. I am a mother of two and a full time teacher who is always on the go so this would be my go to bag.

  83. I’ve been swooning over the elizabeth bag since I found it! Just saving to buy one but I would absolutely love winning one!!!

  84. I love this bag ! Being a younger more with two kids in toe ; this would make life easier. We live in the Portland NW so for our active lifestlyes this would be perfect .

  85. Ah! I love them all! Not sure if I would choose this one (the Elizabeth) or go with the Caroline which is the bag that made me fall in love with these!

  86. LOVE that you can use it as a backpack too! I do a lot of baby wearing and backpacks are key for me but I hate looking like I’m going to high school by using a traditional backpack… So definitely the Elizabeth in either camel or canvas for me!!!

  87. Omg love this bag!!! I am in my third diaper bag and just can’t seem to find the one I love!!! I have done petunia pickle to just regular back pack
    :(…this looks like it could be the one !!!!

  88. Love, LOVE the Elizabeth in camel and the Anna in gunmetal. I would definitely choose the Elizabeth though – swoon.

  89. I am in love with the leather Elizabeth. I’m going back to school and a bag that I can take the baby stuff out and put my notebooks in? Sold.

  90. This looks amazing! I’m at the point where I’m looking for a bag that will eventually become a mega purse vs diaper bag.

  91. I have never had a “real” baby bag – Elizabeth or the lovely Sarah Grace might be the ones to break that (overstuffed) chain!

  92. I love the Elizabeth in Camel– I have the Madeline in Red and adore the Caroline in black– That red interior is gor-geous! But if I could choose one right now– The Elizabeth in Camel is so enticing!

  93. I love them all! I am torn between the Elizabeth in Camel and the Caroline in Brandy. I love having one without a zip top because it is easier to get things out. That being said, with two boys, my diaper bag gets knocked over so being able to zip does keep things from spilling out. Long term I think the Caroline is my fav.

  94. I LOVE them all! But my fav one is the Elizabeth in camel! All the needs of my 4lil ones would definitely fit there!!

  95. I love the Elizabeth in Camel and the Caroline in Brandy…. this would be such a hard choice to make. All the Lily Jade bags are beautiful and I’d love to be able to carry any of them around with my littles!

  96. I just found out that I am pregnant. I know all of the products that I want to get already. Thanks to Baby Gizmo I fell in love with Uppa Baby Vista. I just enjoy watching all of your reviews. So I really hope that I can win this gorgeous bag.

  97. These are the ones that I’m having a hard time choosing between.
    But I think if I were to win I might have to pick the Elizabeth in Camel.

  98. I’ve been looking into buying one of these bags and the only reason I haven’t yet is that I can’t decide which one I like the best!!

  99. Ah! I’d choose the Madeline. Or the Elizabeth. Or maybe the purple one… there are too many options!!! But seriously, I’d probably start with the Madeline.

  100. I would choose the Elizabeth in camel….just like the picture! I think you did a great job in promoting that bag and color as I just LOVE the outfit your model has on. The bag goes perfect. I also love the backpack option!

  101. The elizabeth in camel is fabulous for fall.. love that it completely closes and has lots pockets for binkies and toys..

  102. I’m usually not a diaper bag kinda girl (usually just throw the kids and baby stuff in my purse which is a disaster) but I love this!!! The Elizabeth in camel is gorgeous!!! Crossing fingers and toes!!!

  103. I would have to choose the Lily Jade bag Elizabeth in Camel!! I just love the look of this bag + the color. I already have too many black bags – I am dying for this one!!

  104. I would have a hard time choosing but I’d like to be “forced” to do so… right now the Elizabeth is my fav… mainly because of the pockets and neutral color.

  105. I am patiently waiting to win one of these bags….I LOVE the Elizabeth bag. It would be so handy for me since I have 3 little boys. Love the backpack option and the whole organization of the bag itself….PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick me !!!!!

  106. Oh my goodness I’ve been drooling over these for months thinking wouldn’t it be so nice to have something better for this 3rd baby than those other typical diaper bags. I’m so in love with Elizabeth and Cailin.

  107. I am IN LOVE with Lily Jade Bag. Chic. Timeless. Beautiful. Classy. Functional. Who can say that about a diaper bag? Now that baby number two is on the way, I hope to get one of these amazing bags to help me out.

  108. I fell in love with the Lily Jade bags when I stumbled across their site recently! Every bag is beautiful! Winning one would be super awesome! Thanks for the chance to win! Yay 🙂

  109. I’ve had my eyes on the Cailin in purple. I love the braided leather accents! The Elizabeth in Camel makes such a statement though! We just found out 4 days ago that we will be welcoming a second little early next year! I’d love to have a new bag (that’s actually functional) when he/she arrives! I love the baby bag, and it’s ability to be removed if you drop your little off for a short stay with grandma and grandpa! You can still have your “purse” with you!

  110. I love how it doesn’t look like a traditional diaper bag! Being a mom of 3, I’ve done the traditional diaper bag thing. I would be happy to win any of these and get a beautiful ‘mommy’ bag!

  111. Love these bags! Toss up between the Elizabeth and Cailin but the Elizabeth seems to have more pockets which I always need

  112. These are such beautiful diaper bags! I love the functionality of the Elizabeth. We are expecting our first little one in September, and a Lily Jade diaper bag is at the top of my wish list.

  113. I have a three and a two year old boy but I am also 3 weeks away from giving birth to an Elizabeth. I’m thinking a camel Elizabeth would help this mommy out. I’m already carrying double outfits for potty trainers and soon will be adding everything needed for a newborn.

  114. Would love the Elizabeth in Camel!!!! Pregnant with my 4th and never have I seen such a stylish and practical bag.

  115. I have been eyeing these bags for so long. I can’t wait for Baby #2 to justify the purchase if I don’t win. I’m torn between the Caroline in Brandy and the Elizabeth in Camel. All of the bags are so gorgeous.

  116. Wow this bag is beautiful, I love how it converts into a backpack too! Incredibly clever!
    I hope I can get one for my second baby.

  117. I would love to win this bag! I’m so over bulky and ugly diaper bags, this can be used to a diaper bag and a mommy bag too!

  118. I would love one of these purses especially the ones with backpack option would make my days easier with two kids. My favorite is the black Madeline but the camel Elizabeth looks nice too.

  119. The Elizabeth in camel is my favorite! However, the Caroline in brandy is a close second. Love the backpack options they both have!

  120. These diaper bags seem a awesome. I’m in need of a new one because I really used up the one I got for my first child. I would definitely choose the Elizabeth in camel hands down.

  121. All the bag are just so lovely it is hard to choice just one. I think my favorite is the Elizabeth in camel color.

  122. I totally love the Elizabeth leather bag. Wow who would have guessed that was a diaper bag. Easy to go Lily Jade!

  123. Love the Madeline (and several others!) I like the ones with pockets on the outside so I can find keys and phone quickly. Amazing bags!

  124. Beautiful bag! Love how versatile it is. The interior organizer is awesome! I would choose the Elizabeth in the Camel color.

  125. I love the Elizabeth in Camel! Love that they actually come in leather – so tired of the plastic looking leather that all other bags come in. I searched for MONTHS and couldn’t find anything like this – something I could use after my daughter outgrows the need for my giant diaper bag 🙂

  126. I prefer diaper bags that look like purses, so all of the bags there look great, and my favorite is the Sarah Grace Gold. The blue accents are such a fun detail!


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