Meet Our Chevy Traverse (for a week!)

We are off on another journey! Chevy caught wind that I have been searching for the perfect SUV for my family of five and contacted me to ask if I wanted to test drive their 2013 Chevy Traverse for a week. Heck yeah! Why wouldn’t I want an extended “test before I buy”? This was the perfect way for me to really find out if this is a good vehicle for MY family. To find out if it had all the must-have features that I am specifically looking for.

You know I couldn’t do this alone. I wanted to bring you guys along for the journey just in case one of you guys are looking for a new family vehicle. Take a peek at our Baby Gizmo Video today where I tell you all about it.

(If you can’t see the video above because you are on mobile, you can see the video HERE on Youtube.)

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