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  1. I have Saige and I got her for Christmas and she is not at the American Girl Doll Store and you should get her before she retired there and she is on amazon.

  2. Hi my name is jaw dun and I think you are a very talented girl.we have a lot in common such as loving art and horseback riding.i really enjoyed your movie and it really expressed you.Just asking but do you have to be in akting to be an American girl because I’m in skating and I almost got a part in your movie but I was to busi and many next time your in something we might so it together.

    From:fifth grade student jaedyn

  3. Saige where do you live I live you. I wish you were my best friend same to Tessa Dylan and Gabi .
    Can I ask you something? Are you real or just a doll.
    When I was watching your movie I cried when Mimi had The accidentally trip.
    Where do you live
    I really wished you Tessa Dylan Gabi and my other first friend name Emily and I are the best friends forever
    Please replay to me I really want to know you

  4. I love Saige! She has the cutest clothes and looks so gorgeous with her hair down. I would reccomend her 2 everyone. I think all the little girls would enjoy her personality even though she’s a doll, a very pretty doll with swag and class. Everyone should try the contest in the new magazine for american girl and you have 2 color a big hot air balloon to win her and 10 different items that are worth $260.00. It is so worth the wait, haven’t done it yet but I will soon be doin gthat 2 get the doll, really want her. I love her, can’t wait to get the doll. Also can’t wait 2 do the contest and then I’ll wait and see if I win with my amazing hot air balloon idea. Yeah yeah yeah!

  5. how did u get that I want that from Santa the other doll I want is Mckenna (even though she is retired the have her on eBay and amazon) from my Grandma I want Kanani also from Santa I want
    Mckenna’s loft bed, Saige’s art easle, and Kanani’s shave ice stand.

  6. My daughter was so excited to get this information! We have been waiting for a month to meet Saige and you have done a great job introducing her. Congrats on being a cool mom!

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