Meet the newest Historical American Girl Doll – Caroline Abbott

We had the fantastic opportunity to introduce you to the newest (and thirteenth!) historical American Girl doll – Caroline Abbott. I can’t tell you how excited my daughter was to tell you all about her new “twin”.

American Girl Caroline

Caroline lived 200 years ago during the War of 1812. She is a brave and independent nine-year-old girl who shows girls how to stay steady and believe in themselves during difficult times through her six historical books written by author and social historian Kathleen Ernst.

We love that Caroline teaches girls that they can navigate challenges by staying strong, making good decisions, and taking action. Her inspiring stories of courage and kindness show girls how they can be their own real everyday hero.

Living with her family in Sackets Harbor, New York, Caroline loves sailing with her shipbuilder father, and she even dreams of captaining her own ship one day. But after British sailors capture her father and cousin, Caroline does her best to keep the promise she makes to her father to stay steady and ride storms through to better weather. In the end, Caroline finds–and proves–her own steadiness and strength as she navigates the challenges of wartime.

The Caroline Abbott doll, books and accessories will be available on September 4, 2012, through American Girl’s catalogue, at, and at American Girl retail locations.

Caroline Abbott


  1. Just heard about the new doll Caroline and since I also grew up in Sackets Harbor, I am looking forward to reading her story. Living in a historical town was always a treat for a child and my most cherished memories was spending time with my grandparents in their 1805 home!

  2. Your daughter is a beautiful and obviously outgoing, smart little girl. I enjoyed the video but since it was a review it would have been much better if you had done quite a few very close close ups of the doll. As it is while I could see the doll, I couldn’t get a really good look at her. Lovely doll and I hope your daughter enjoys her for years to come.

  3. What a fabulous video! You have a great Baby Gizmo sidekick there! I worked for American Girl in college and was able to collect a few of their first dolls, I may need to add Caroline to the collection!

  4. Your daughter is adorable! We love BabyGizmo and have used it over and over again to find the best fit for products we need for the family.


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